Korto: Olympic Glory

Korto Momolu-Briggs' tips to a successful "Olympic" win!

1. What was your inspiration for your Olympic look? How did you decide on the pants and the silhouette?
The inspiration for my look was staying true to my classic funky motto. I love a classic cut garment - something simple, with a little twist. The pants were different, but would be comfy to wear for the occasion. I felt the look was the best choice for a garment that would need to be adjusted for a men's look. If I was an athlete, I would love to wear the garment I created. I would wear it after the event, because it's a chic outfit.

2. What was the key to success in this particular challenge?
The most important thing was to put yourself in the athlete's shoes. What you would like to wear? What you would feel comfortable in? And what would best represent the country during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games?

3. Have you ever watched the Olympic opening ceremony?
Actually, I always watch the opening ceremonies. I love seeing all the countries, especially if Liberia is represented. I get really excited.

4. What did you think of having an actual Olympian, Apolo Ohno, as guest judge? I thought it was great to have Apolo Ohno, because he was who we were designing for. His opinion was valued and he knew what he would have liked to wear. I'm glad he liked mine!

5. What did you think of the garments created by the other designers?
Terri's was great. I thought Jennifer's outfit wasn't as bad as it was projected to be.

6. Several of your fellow designers seemed to go back in time. Why did you make the decision to keep your design modern?
I have a thing about staying in the present and leaving the past in the past. I love 2008, I'm glad to be here and I want design to represent our time. These days there are so many references to the past that it's hard to define the style of the 2000s. The 80s, 70s, and 60s all have specific looks that define that era, and we keep revisiting the fashion trends of those times.

7. How did it feel to win your first elimination challenge?
IT WAS GREAT TO WIN - especially after being in the bottom three last week. The win boosted my confidence and threw me back into the game full speed. So YEEEEAAAAH Korto!

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