Like You're A Maximalist ...

Simplicity is what will win this challenge!


So, the eco-challenge. Guest Judge Natalie Portman is a good style icon. I think the interesting thing about Natalie, first off, in today's world to find the balance of someone who's stylish and very chic and very smart, all at a young age. And able to really express herself about everything, including fashion. I thought she was really a fabulous addition to our pantheon of guest judges. And also particularly in this instance to talk about eco-fashion, which I think for her is very, very personal, but she's one of those girls she doesn't want to give up being stylish. So, she wants the best of both worlds, so I think she was really a great addition and I think this is something that I as a designer and everyone as designers right now is dealing with. How do we make something that is dealing with eco-friendly fabrics without it making you look like Johnny Appleseed? As for Suede's winning design, again, I think there's something to be said for not just cutting the fabric and making a garment. For being able to look at something and imagine it to be something else. So he manipulated the fabric in a very interesting way. It gave his garment texture, which I think automatically is interesting, especially for dresses. We're not always dealing with separates. With separates you get to mix the textures by mixing different components. With a dress, it a singular piece so if you manipulate the fabric and make it interesting that certainly adds to the intrigue of the dress being either flat and boring or something exciting that has a sense of discovery.


Simplicity is the hallmark of American fashion. Certainly something that I have waved the flag for, for many years. But simplicity really shows every mistake. A ruffle and some shredding kind of hide mistakes. But if you're going to do it sharp and clean, like Wesley tried to do, you really have to pay attention to the way things are cut, the way they fit, and also to the way they're finished. The real simple truth is, clean lines show everything. So if you're going to be a minimalist then you really need to pay attention to detail like you're a maximalist.

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