Love Is In The Hair!

Soft and romantic is in high demand.

The competition came to a head during this week's episode. With four contestants left and only three spots at New York Fashion Week, you could imagine how high the tension was in the air! Tasked with the challenge to create a wedding gown, the designers learned last minute that they also had to create a bridesmaid dress!

Jerell came down to the salon first (as always!) with his model Nicole wearing an elaborate gown comprised of white tulle and champagne-colored silk on the bottom and dark green beading on top that gave his garment a modern flare. Jerell's bridesmaid dress for model Alex was a long teal strapless gown with a cream waistband accented with pink orchards. To complement the pink orchards from the bridesmaid's dress, Jerell created an elaborate orchard headpiece for Nicole to wear down the runway. Jerell wanted Nicole's hairstyle to be simple and romantic so that the focus would be on the floral headpiece. The TRESemmé team created Marcel waves in the front of her hair and tied the hair into a low messy bun. Nicole′s ornately decorated up-do was my fave this week!Leanne designed a classic cream-colored dress for model Tia. She wanted Tia's hair to look soft and romantic. I started by misting TRESemmé Thermal Creations Curl Activator Spray throughout Tia's tresses and used a curling iron to create curls along the sides of her face and towards the bottom of her hair. We pulled Tia's hair back into a low ponytail with soft wavy ends.

For the bridesmaid dress, Leanne designed an above-the-knee light blue garment for model Karalyn. Since Karalyn has short hair, I started by spraying TRESemmé Big Boost Root Lift Spray at the top of Karalyn's head to add volume. Then, using a curling iron, I created small curls throughout her head. To complement Leanne's romantic design, we accented Tia and Karalyn's hair with little cream-colored flowers that Leanne found in a gift basket in her room!

Jerell's extravagant design certainly made a statement on the runway. However, the judges felt the look was overdone and sent him home. This elimination was one of the saddest for me as I know he has the potential to bring it at Fashion Week! I will definitely miss his vibrant personality and incredible sense of humor. Nevertheless, the show must go on. Only one week away from the big finale, we are all on the edge of our salon chairs dieing to see who be the next winner of Project Runway!

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