Mario Cadenas

Mario Cadenas is tapping his roots and starting a new clothing line!

So, where did I go after the first season of Project Runway? Well, in recent years I have been studying languages and traveling around Europe. I now reside in Helsinki, Finland, where I am currently working with business partner and longtime friend Katherine Brokate on my new clothing line, SIAMESE MK. Derailing from my couture roots, I am now lending focus to other areas of design. Besides clothing, I have also been designing and developing several product lines (i.e. accessories and home decor items) all under the SIAMESE MK label. The SIAMESE MK philosophy will be to turn original design concepts into quality products, infused with fun, sexy, dark, humorous, thought-provoking elements, as well as a rock 'n' roll sensibility. We have no hidden agenda and we are not trying to change what people perceive as 'cool.' Our designs are a reflection of our changing mood, culture, personal growth, and style. SIAMESE MK will launch its first collection in fall of 2008, catering to urban/bohemian, young professionals that appreciate gracious living and style. I plan to market and distribute the SIAMESE MK brand across the States and Europe, as well as making it readily available through our online store at

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