Oh No! On The Catwalk

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Oh No! On The Catwalk

Where's the creativity?

It was a fabulous Wednesday night. I spent most of the evening working on collection pieces for my show at Bryant Park On the 11th. While doing so I popped in some of my favourite new music by Jeff Palmiotti -- it's genius. Have a listen HERE.

OMG the opening ceremonies ensemble -- what an honour to be able to create that for any country. That is my dream one day as a designer. I must say Apolo Ohno is so sweet. But!!! I saw some terrible "OH NO" on that catwalk ... It looked like they were asked to create costumes for the new line of Sailor Moon dolls at the ninety-nine cent store. Does anyone think creatively on the show anymore? Neoprene in an ensemble is a symbol of one of the competitions and perfectly hugs an athlete's body. There are so many other athletic fibers. Darlings, fashion is versatility. You must be able to create a gown and then create a sports piece. Or do like Gaultier and create a neoprene evening gown. Brilliant!!!

I have met a few of the cast members and they are so lovely. I am interested to see what next week will bring.

Mirror Mirror on the wall!!! Who has the most fabulous belly button of them all?!?

Stella ... darling?!?

OMG I need a cocktail.

Until next week, I send you a lot of love.

cheers !!!

On The Road

Book tour updates, be sure to stop by if you can!

Hey kiddos!

The book tour for Fashion Inside Out is going GREAT! Big thanks to all those who have already come out to show their support to me, and to the book; I'm eternally grateful! I hope that you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I'm still on the road for another week or so with MANY stops along the way. Because I'm typing this from the airport terminal (waiting for my flight to San Francisco to board) I can't post all the rest of the stops, so check out my Web site for all the times and locations.

I love you all and hope to see you sometime soon! Have a great weekend (pleeeeease don't put me next to the screaming baby ...)

Daniel xx