On Your Marks, Get Set

Recapping this week's Gristides challenge!


On your marks .... get set ... darlings, Gristides? I love that they are reenacting previous challenges. I only wish that the contestants had been more creative. This is where the chef in me comes out -- a little seaweed, some shrimp skin, and a few lobster tails, and voila!!! Or better yet an escargot corset ...

A dress for a couture collector, but a tablecloth, OMG!!! Anyone can use a tablecloth. Actually I think the rubbish bag bit is hilarious!!!! I must say Heidi looks brilliant in McQueen's red dress. I only wish that they had cut it from the waist instead of shortening it from the bottom. It has such interesting detail. OH well .... I wonder when I will have the honour of dressing fraulein Klum. She is so stunning.

I have never seen Tim so irritated. Poor darling!

It appears that Jerry was at a loss. He made a complete look, even though it was not really what they were looking for. He tried instead of making excuses. I have to say Daniel and Korto really impressed me. I liked Wes' work -- that shoulder detail and the back bow, though done a million times for Spring '07, is very chic.

As I stand here draping my finale dress for my fashion show in September, I find the element of rubbish bags appalling. I apologize but goth and rock and roll clothes are so beautiful. I feel for someone who thinks that anyone besides Belinda Carlisle in 1982 would wear a rubbish bag. Thank god that was before I was born. Ha! Sorry!!!


Darlings, I love that Scarlett has returned. He is the epiphany of charm! And so incredibly talented. I am excited to see what this season brings. There are some real characters but they all seem so incredibly talented.

OMG -- what was Suede thinking? They had so much time and so much to choose from. I would like to know how Daniel's model sat to get her hair done in that amazing plastic cup creation.

All I can say is I hope that Blayne and Daniel go far -- they are the most artistic in the group. Wes, I think, will do well also and I am rooting for Korto. Darlings, she has an eye for colour, and silhouette. Well intil next week.

Chin-Chin ...

P.S. Kelli, that was genius.

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