Paper Towels, Coffee Filters, And Marshmallows, Oh My!

Not your average outfits- behind the scenes in the TRESemme salon!

Hi, I'm Jeanie Syfu, the new lead hairstylist for Project Runway. I'm so thrilled to be heading up the TRESemme Salon and sharing the behind-the-scenes gossip not seen on TV! During the filming of Episode One, there was so much excitement in the air from the designers and stylists who were all set to kick off another season. The newest cast members, ready to face off on the runway, are by far the most diverse group I've seen yet. Kelli, Terri, and Jerell are definitely the most eclectic designers of the bunch while Leanne, Jennifer, and Wesley are a bit more low-key. Nonetheless, all the contestants are eager to show the judges what they are made of!


As the models and designers entered the salon, I was shocked at what I saw. Dresses made out of table clothes, paper towels, coffee filters, and even marshmallows! Little did we know, Project Runway alum Austin Scarlett's winning dress on the premiere episode of Season One inspired the challenge. Austin, who surprised everyone as the guest judge, had made a flirty cocktail dress out of corn husks which led him to win the very first challenge of Runway. For this episode, the designers went to the grocery store and had 30 minutes to pick out any materials they could get their hands on to create a garment.


Keith, a Utah native, designed a halter dress made out of table clothes. Halter-tops are his specialty, as portrayed in his sexy and feminine personal clothing line Filthy Gorgeous. Kelli mentioned she had a store in Ohio called Black Market that she says is full of "a selection of cool vintage clothes." While we were getting to know the designers, Korto's model Katarina came in with lettuce, tomatoes, and sliced peppers draped on her neck -- the salon started to smell like the craft services table.

Before we even began dealing with the hair, we had a chaotic set and crew on our hands. There seemed to be a major lack in communication during the first hour or so of taping with models and designers running all over and winding up in the wrong place at the wrong time. One of the TRESemme stylists, Elsa, started doing Jerry's model Nicole's hair but had to stop half way since she was supposed to be in make-up! As things finally started to settle down, in came Stella.



Stella, who can be described as biker-chick-meets-goth-goddess, walked into the salon covered in tattoos and piercings, with jet-black hair and bright red lips. We knew her dress would definitely stand out! Kendall, Stella's model, was wearing a garment made out of black trash bags. Stella and I collaborated and thought a smooth, modern mohawk would complement Kendall's look. First, we sprayed tons of my fave, TRESemme TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray and teased her hair to create a bold mohawk. For the pony, we used TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer and straightened it to create a sleek look in the back. Stella said her model's hair came out perfectly!

Daniel's model Elena was wearing a dress made entirely of plastic blue Solo cups. Poor Elena could barley walk, let alone sit in her dress! In order to do her hair, the TRESemme Styling Team had to stand on the salon chair! We created tons of tiny tendrils using TRESemme Flawless Curls Shaping Milk to define and shape her curls. My favorite look complemented Wesley's fierce neon yellow garment made out of plastic cups and paper towels. I gave his model Alyssa a high ponytail with a sweeping braid at the front of the crown moving back towards the pony. As braids are a huge trend right now, I really think it made the whole look appear more fashion-forward. To make sure the pony looked sleek, we first applied TRESemme Thermal Creations Straightening Gel throughout the hair and then, blow-dried it straight. Alyssa's gorgeous brown locks shimmered when we added a touch of TRESemme No-Frizz Shine Spray.

In the end, Kelli's dress won over the judges. Her unique garment made of coffee filters and vacuum cleaner bags tied together with a hand woven spiral wire from a notebook showed her unique vision and talent. Unfortunately, Jerry's look did not go over well with the judges. His choice of dishwashing gloves, rain boots and a large, unattractive hood sent him packing.

Looking forward to seeing what next week's challenge brings and what personalities will be put to the test!

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