The Fashion Olympics

Patriotic duty to think outside the box!

I personally thought this challenge was very difficult. It was the fashion Olympics. To me, if you're a designer, you're really going to have to think out of the box to design athletic wear. To me, that was really difficult.


OK. The three worst. Let's just talk about the three worst first. So, Jennifer. Jennifer is out. She had no color in her outfit! There was nothing, to me, that represented the United States. Nothing that showed the red, white, and blue. I don't know, I thought she was out to lunch. I don't know what she was thinking. I felt she really deserved to be eliminated. She was very weak and last week she was very weak too and she doesn't seem to get any challenge at all. When you want to be a designer and work for someone, you have to follow a format. You can have your own great designs and someone can give you a direction and most people train under top designers and then they develop their own line. She just doesn't know how to take direction at all, and she could be totally talented but that's only part of it. You have to take direction.


Then we have Jerell. There's a Yiddish word you learn from the garment center called ongepatsht. His outfit was so busy, so horrible, it's what they call in the garment center, ongepatsht. It means you have too many things going on. That's what he did.


Then we have Daniel. I really don't understand if he knew it was the Olympics. If he knows the national colors are red, white, and blue, why he would choose purple? He was trying to say it say it was a shade of blue but it really wasn't. It was totally purple! There was nothing that made you think of athletics at all so that's that.


Then we have the three top people. I really thought the top three were all really, really good. I don't know how the judges could begin to decide. I could not decide what I liked best because I was torn between each and every one of them. I didn't know who was the best and would have a hard time making a decision. I really loved what Joe did. The fabric he used was definitely an athletic-type fabric and I loved the combination of the red and blue zipper. It was very unique and I loved the way he used USA on the side and the outfit looked very current and very fresh and just very 2010, so to speak. I thought he was going to win, to tell you the truth. I thought he was going to win because I thought the way he interpreted fashion but with something athletic-looking was fabulous.


Then Terri I loved. She did this great three-piece sportswear look. I really liked her tri-colored tube top. It was very sportswear-looking. It looked great.


And Korto. My first impression of Korto's was that it was too white, but you know what? I really ended up liking it. I loved the idea of the white pants that were flowing and I thought it was an overall great sportswear look. It was hard to critique this one, let me tell you.

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