The Real Designers Of New York City

The good and the bad and the surprises of this challenge!

It was very interesting to watch this week's show as this was the first time the designers had total control of their project. To have them interpet their designs through a photo they selected from the New York nightlife added even more of a dimension to the challenge given.

I am going to comment on the three worst designs and the three best:

I was dismayed by Emily's design. Even after Tim made comments on her dress she did not alter anything. The basic design of the body of the dress was good, but those ruffles!! What was she thinking? If she had just made the accent of colors on the black flat instead of ruffled and placed them differently ... or even spliced them in on angles as insets on the black it would have been a much different dress but still true to what she wanted to achieve.

Jennifer's dress -- to put it mildly -- was boring and frumpy and not even worth commenting more on.

The multitude of layers on Keith's dress were too numerous to count. Watching it from television looked like it was not even fabric but made from paper. Perhaps if the pieces were much larger and then there could be more contour to the shape of the dress and have better drape, it would then have taken on a more pleasing look.

Personally I loved Leanne's dress which was actually two pieces. It was something I would wear in a heartbeat. It was chic, fresh, and sophisticated. What impressed me most was how much she turned around from last week. Then she had overdone her dress with all the curves of circular pieces that it was over complicated. This time she acheived perfection.

I could not believe how Terri found the perfect fabric for her dress! She set out in her mind that she was going to have a top design this time and she did. The way the fabric matched her photo was uncanny. The design was great with the open back and high front adding that element of surprise. Putting it over black pants made it very hip-looking (or should we write fierce?)

Kenley surprised me with the novelty of her dress. I was very concerned for her when I saw the purple tulle fabric on her table. I thought, "She is NEVER going to pull this off." But she put great use to it in an ingenious way. I am familar with the "Dynasty at 20 look," as I have a few Ungaros in storage, but she made it look new again. That was a true acheivement.

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