Rock 'n' Runway

Never seen the designers like this before!

For today's challenge, the designers got to take a walk on the wild side. They were asked to design an outfit that represented a genre of music. The surprising twist was that they were each other's models! Since the music industry was the main theme for this week's challenge, it was only fitting that the guest judge was music mogul LL Cool J. All the designers had a lot of fun designing and also modeling the looks. It was an exciting time in the TRESemmé Salon as all the designers had true visions of how they wanted their models' hair to look. The TRESemmé Styling Team was ready to turn it out!

I had the most fun seeing Jerell transform Kenley from a 1950s glam girl to a pop diva. To create Kenley's outfit, Jerell wanted something that was "Pussycat Dolls meet Britney Spears." He paired a studded bra underneath a mesh top with a black skirt and topped the outfit off by adding a faux fur purple vest and a studded collar piece. To complete this look, we misted Kenley's roots with TRESemmé Big Boost Root Lift Spray to add volume at the crown and blew dry her hair upside down. Then, we generously sprayed TRESemmé Thermal Creations Curl Activator Spray all over to help create and hold curls and set her hair in a 1½″ curling iron. To give her major vixen hair, we teased at the root for a full, tousled look. Kenley told us that it felt like Halloween, but we all thought she looked fantastic! Certainly a change from her usual perfectly neat 'do. Kenley's model was Leanne, and we had so much fun creating a new hairstyle for her, as well! Her hip-hop outfit consisted of a pair of jeans with a gold button jacket. Kenley directed us to create a look that shouted "Bling! Leather! Denim!" This was definitely a first for our team! We collaborated on a funky look for Leanne, putting the front of her hair up in what looked like an aerodynamic-looking fringe! We started with a big side bun, which required a lot of teasing and hairspray for hold. Then, with my flat iron, I ironed and sculpted her bangs into a side-swept look. Thankfully, Leanne walked away from the experience saying it was fun!

Korto really went above and beyond for her punk rock outfit for Suede! She designed a black sleeveless mesh top with chain details, but the pair of skinny, metallic grey denim pants she created was the real attention grabber. Korto randomly splattered the pants with bleach to give it the true punk rocker look. While in the salon, she told us that she finally had to stop because she was getting a headache from all the fumes! When I heard what Korto had gone through to create this outfit, I knew I had to bring my "A" game! I was glad that Suede was open to try any look. To fully transform Suede into a punk rocker, I added a lot of candy-colored hairpieces to the crown of his head. Then, I smoothed out the extensions so that they blended into his blonde hair.

Of course, something would be missing without a little rock 'n' roll! For Suede's outfit, which he created for Jerell, he turned to Lenny Kravitz for inspiration. Suede designed a leather vest and tight pants using a lot of black, brown and maroon. Suede wanted Jerell's hair in a big afro to complement the look. Unfortunately, because Jerell's hair was so short when we brushed out his curls, all we got was a short, baby afro.

It was fun to see all the designers get involved in each other's designs. Korto's efforts paid off, and the judges loved her punk rock outfit for Suede. Sadly, Suede's rocker outfit for Jerell didn't rock the judges' boat, and they sent him rolling.

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