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Something seems familiar with this challenge.

Ahhhh, the makeover challenge! It brings back haunting memories for me people - HAUNTING!!! I think we all remember Santino's horrible excuse for a finished garment, or the "Golden Girls" suit that I donned down the runway, or when I turned the lovely Chloe Dao into a cheap hooker, right? Oh what I wouldn't give to do it all again... Granted I had immunity so I was allowed to take a risk, but for this batch of designers, NO ONE was safe!

So at this point we know that Joe and Suede were decoys at Fashion Week last week, but are the producers going to throw another curve ball and add another one to the pile? Hmmm... thoughts for next week?

Oh, and before I forget, I'm going to be on next week's creepy show-in-a-van "Watch What Happens" with Andy Cohen ... so be sure to ... well, you get the idea.


I have to admit, that I did think that Suede did a fairly good job. It was sewn fairly well, there were some interesting details throughout the look, and overall, it did say rock-n-roll, albeit a tame rocker who is still coming out of his shell. Do you remember Jeffrey's rock-n-roll makeover from Season 3? It was both interesting yet fitting for the challenge and allowed for that part of his personality to come out and play a part. I know that these genres were randomly given to the designers, and thusly they may or may not possess any of those qualities, but deep down I feel like Jerell had some rocker in him. That being said, I wish that Suede had really given him the opportunity to play the part and really push past the expected. We've all seen Jerell's sternum since day one of this season and by putting him in a low-cut shirt that would've worked better on Leanne, it just didn't make us sit up and become excited. I don't think it was the worst thing on the runway, but this challenge was an extremely difficult one, especially this late in the game, and I can understand not feeling like the designers were bringing their A game ... believe me, I understand. I hope Suede moves on to something spectacular and looks back at his PR moments with appreciation; not once did we hear him talk viciously about another designer, and though the third-person persona became a bit grating at times, his kind ways won out in the end. Take care!


Jerell's look for Kenley was both my favorite and the worst. I think it was hilarious to see Kenley so out of her element, and though she seemed a bit leery at first, she really seemed to get into the character by the time she hit the runway, and for that I applaud her. That being said, I think she looks cheap. EXTREMELY cheap. I know pop tartlets make a living by showing off their assets, but I just think this looks too dime store costumey; there is nothing particularly aspirational about it. I find it horribly cliche, but with trainwrecks like the Pussycat Dolls gyrating their latex booty shorts and plaid demi-cup bustier on daytime TV ... I guess on the other hand you could say that he nailed it. I think I would've infused a bit more glamour and elegance into the look, possibly taking cues from someone like Gwen Stefani, who is by all means considered a pop star. She wears color, she wears heels, she shows some skin, but she never looks cheap and she always looks modern. In fact, I'm going to go put her on the iPod right now, hold on...


Wow. This was a huge challenge for Leanne and one that I'm so grateful I never got. Considering that the things she had to work with were on truly opposite sides of the spectrum, I thought that she did a very good job of straddling the everyday/costume line. Tell me if I'm wrong, but don't country stars today, like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and ... (gulp) ... Jessica Simpson, all dress fairly contemporary when performing? I've never really seen them in traditional western gear (except for Jessica Simpson last month's Elle cover in which she was ridiculed for being so cliche) and instead see them using influences like big hair and bright colors to keep their country western image clear. With Leanne's look, I think that she did a very nice job with making a western shirt that was feminine and flattering, but with a subtle twist. The skirt, I agree, could've used a bit more life to it, but as I mentioned before, she was toeing that line of ridiculousness and though she was near it, she still could've pushed it a bit further.


I felt a bit bad for Kenley this episode because she clearly was so far out of her element that she resorted to panicking a bit and lashing out. I guess I would be in the same position as her because I can see her idea of hip-hop in this look. Singers/performers like Ashanti, Alisha Keys, and Mary J. Blige would wear this (in better condition of course) but I think that Korto nailed it on the head when she said that they were more R&B than hip-hop. However, hip-hop artists like Lil' Kim, Da Brat, Eve, Lil' Mama, and Missy Elliot had SUCH a broad range of personal style, from sexy, high-end designer looks to baggy jumpsuits, I can see how it would be difficult to decipher that "it" factor needed for this challenge. Granted, I don't think that her argumentative behavior on the runway was winning her any sympathy points, I do think she had one of the more tough challenges. In my eyes, she was going for the JLo vibe, which was fine, but that means that it needed to looks uber-luxe - cause we know love don't cost a thing - but JLo ain't wearing no cheap s**t! So in the end, sending down an ill-fitting pleather jacket, a Chico's top, and some unfortunate high-waisted jeans just wasn't going to do it. Can't you picture an all white, super-low cowl neck, jumpsuit with a wide-leg pant and LOTS of gold jewelry being more appropriate? What do you think?


Korto's design was also my top choice for the win. She made a look that was definitely punk, but also it looked expensive and well-made. I have to admit that I gasped in horror when she began to bleach the jeans, thinking that she was going to end up somewhere in Saved by the Bell territory, but my hat is off to her now after seeing the gorgeous effect she ended up with. This entire look has such energy and life to it, the shirt has those bias strips and asymmetrical chains creating a lot of visual movement on the top, while the bleach spots on the jeans give the bottom half a very haphazard feel ... all in all, a job well done. As Nina said (and which will go down in history as one of my favorite quotes of all time) "I have nothing else to say about this"... but in this circumstance I mean that in a good way!

The Real Winner

No doubt about this years Project Runway 5 winner!

Just a heads up that my book Fashion Inside Out is almost upon us! Though I've heard places are starting to ship it out, the official release date is on 10/28, so mark your calendars! I'm heading out on a book tour to celebrate with you all, so be sure to check my website for details on times, dates and locations: After a year and a half in the works it would be delightful to see all of your supporting faces!

But NOW, it's down to business! PR5 has finally come to an end. I hope after a week of digesting we've all be able to form clear-headed opinions about who we really thought was the winner.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I hands down think it should have been Leanne, but what did you think? Tightly edited, unique and comparable to no one, I think she did an excellent job of taking her inspiration and running it cohesively through each and every piece she sent down the runway. Unlike some of the other designers, Leanne's work is both subtle and intricate, and I applaud her to no end for being able to successfully straddle that fine line, especially at exactly the right time. Korto and Kenley both showed very nice collections, but I do think that Leanne was the one who had the whole package. Korto's sense of color and proportion are excellent, and the way she styled the looks was just intoxicating - the high buns, dewy skin, and fluttering fans - she certainly infused a lot of "earthy sexiness" into it. That being said, you take away all of the extras and we're left with clothing that didn't quite stand up to Leanne's more intricate work.

To me, watching Kenley's show was like watching your friend go into her glamorous closet, and parade out to see if the look is a "keeper" or a "throwaway." Although it was filled with definite highlights and interesting (sometimes costume-like) elements, I just didn't feel that it was a cohesive collection. One of the highlights for me was the green silk dress with the ballooned shoulders - I just thought it was a chic, well made, and truly stunning look.

All in all, these designers will find work and hopefully create stunning collections in the future. Congratulations to them all for coming this far and a HUGE congratulations to Leanne for the win! I'll see you in NYC sweetheart!