RuPaul: A Drag Race

Tips from a true queen, RuPaul! Are you a Project Runway fan? Who was your favorite designer?
I became obsessed with Santino Rice. What were the keys to being successful in the drag queen challenge?
Understanding proportion and knowing how to de-emphasize masculine aspects of the queen's body and playing up the feminine aspects of the queen's body. Can you give us a little behind-the-scenes into what it takes to get ready to go out on stage at a drag show? What are the types of things the queens need to be conscious of?
It's important for a queen to have enough time to reach the "Glamor Zone" both mentally and physically. What should a drag queen look for when finding the perfect performance outfit?
A queen always look for a show-stopper but it must also be crafted in a way that no wardrobe malfunctions are possible.

rate_runway_joe_506.jpg Which looks on the show stood out the most to you (for better or for worse?)
Varla's pink nautical jumpsuit was phenomenal. It was a perfect match with her energy and coloring. Also Sweetie's outfit really played out her gorgeous legs and robust personality.

rate_runway_jerell_506.jpg What was the biggest mistake the designers made?
The moss green, turquoise, and black dress was a big mistake in the proportion department. It made her gorgeous legs look way too short. What is the biggest misconception about drag queens?
The biggest misconception about drag queens is that they want to be women. It's more of a celebration of personal freedom, color, texture, and humor. Where can fans see more of you? Can you tell us about your show?
I tour with my night club act year-round. And RuPaul's Drag Race debuts January 2009. It's a competition show searching for the next drag superstar.

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