Starr Ilzhoefer

A lot has changed for Starr Ilzhoefer and her fashion dreams!


Since the first season of Project Runway, I have been working as a corporate attorney and living in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina with my husband, five Great Danes, two cats, one green parrot named Tookie, sixty-four rose bushes and thirty-seven sunflowers. I have a full-time nanny that assists my husband and me with taking care of our many animals -- all of which were rescued from local animal rescues. When I'm not practicing corporate law, I do volunteer work for animal rescue groups. I hate to admit it, but recently fashion has taken a back seat to my interest in animal rights and rescue. There are just not enough hours in the day to do it all. Perhaps someday I'll make the time to blend my interests by designing clothes for big dogs! I'm also thinking about having another go at reality TV by applying to have National Geographic's Dog Whisperer pay my husband and me a visit.

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