Suede: Why I Speak In The Third Person

Why the Natalie Portman (and the environment) loved this outfit! What are the biggest challenges and benefits of working with Green fabrics? Is this something you try to do in your daily designing or will start?
Going Green to save the planet is something I am passionate about in my design and personal life. The biggest challenge right now is finding mills and finishing plants that are on board with this movement. Suede tries to use Green fabrics whenever possible as each of us has a responsibility to do our part to protect the environment. Suede is also a big proponent of recycling. Please join me. How concerned were you with your model choosing the fabric -- did you give her any direction? Did she come back with good stuff?
Concerned about my lovely "Tee Tee Tia?" Not at all. She has her stuff together; she's a very intelligent, kind, and amazing woman. I knew that she would select things that would look phenomenal on her. The only direction I gave her was to get lots of fabric. The last thing any of us wanted was to have our model come back with half a yard of fabric. What was the inspiration for your look?
My model, "Tee Tee Tia," was my inspiration for my look. She's modern, elegant, sophisticated, young, relevant. "Tee Tee Tia" and I spoke about what to do during our consultation and BOOM it all just came together. What are the most important aspects of creating an appropriate cocktail dress for a young person?
Glamour, color, silhouette, and fit are all key elements in creating an appropriate cocktail dress for a young person. I loved this challenge because creating cocktail dresses have always been a strength of mine ... case in point ... Suede won the challenge!!! Were you concerned that you wouldn't be done sewing the strips together in time?
Time management is ALWAYS an issue with challenges and this competition is much more difficult than it looks on TV. Not only was the sewing of the strips time consuming but the underskirt with all the layers of tulle was a time eater as well. I knew I would have a garment to go down the runway, but as Tim said I was taking a risk and they would either love it or hate. I loved it and "Tee Tee Tia" loved it and that was the goal of this challenge. Mission accomplished! How much input did your model give you about the look she wanted?
"Tee Tee Tia" was VERY clear that she loves tulle and wanted it incorporated. I also wanted to be sure that the dress didn't read retro, so the strips was something I just sketched as we talked and I knew if I could execute it properly it would be a showstopper. What were you thinking when you saw that Natalie Portman was guest judge? And how did it make you feel when she said she would want to wear your dress (and Heidi said she would if she were 10 years younger)?
I was totally psyched when I saw the adorable Natalie Portman come out from behind the scrim. I am a big fan of her work from Mars Attacks, to V for Vendetta to the Star Wars trilogy. Natalie Portman ROCKS!! To have a celebrity of that caliber and taste level say that she loved my dress and would wear it was extremely moving. This particular classification is where my heart lies so it's a validation that I'm pursing the right path. And let's get something straight, Heidi can wear ANYTHING so she doesn't need to go back in time. I was humbled and honored to have both these amazing women say they would wear my work and I do expect to be dressing them both in the near future. What did you think of the other designers' looks?
Suede is always supper supportive of his peers' work. I want to send a special shout-out to Wesley who I have a great deal of admiration for and know he will go far in this industry. I know that everyone takes each challenge to heart and does the best in the time allotted and with the resources available. I am extremely honored to have been part of such a talented and diverse group of designers. I am really pleased that my look ROCKED the runway and made such an indelible impression. Just as Austin Scarlett's look changed his career I know this look will do the same for me. You didn't win immunity, but won the opportunity to sell your dress on -- would you have preferred immunity?
OMG -- of course immunity is always appreciated, but to be able to sell on -- PRICELESS!!! Now people around the world can wear a Suede original ... an outfit that received such high praise! Suede loves that!!!!! Why do you speak in the third person? :) When do you start doing that?
Because it's FUN! I think we all speak in third person occasionally. I've noticed it from several of my peers during the filming of Project Runway. Suede speaks in third person when he is really excited or passionate about something. Really anything can bring out my third person commentary. I have always been a very eccentric guy and let's face it, the fashion industry is a great place to be who you are. So I will remain Suede and flip in and out of third person and continue to send my love and good energy out into the world. As you can see, what you put out there comes back to you. I am a very caring and loving person and great things happen for me ... third person or not!!! Suede LOVES that!!! Lastly to address questions I get on a hourly basis --I was given the nickname of SUEDE in college and it stuck! All of my dear friends had nicknames like Velvet, Scalamandre, Isabella, Tracing Paprikash. Again, it's all FUN and life shouldn't be taken so seriously.  All my love to the fans of Project Runway ...

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