The Origin Of Wesfeld

Fugalicious designs with an environmentally-friendly feel!

Darlings, I am in shock and awe at this week's episode. I have worked in environmentally-friendly fibers for years. They do not require special sewing etc. With that in mind I was shocked to see the fugalicious -- yes darlings fugalicious -- parade of dresses that hit the catwalk. OMG!!! I was in shock last night. My four-year-old goddaughter could sew a better dress on her felt friend's piggy and bunny play sewing kit ...

I will say Natalie looked gorgeous as always and she is so humble. Her collection of shoes from Té Casan looked absolutely gorgeous. You should see her collection here at Those shoes are all vegan. I have had the honour of working with Té Casan for the last two fashion weeks and they have created some of the greatest shoes in the world. Check out Gaetano Perrone collection. He used to design for McQueen, I love his aesthetic. Well, to get back to Runway: one of the BEST designers of the season was cut last night. I think that Daniel and him should launch a collection and call it WesFeld. Thats it ladies and gents -- the next great design house to come from Project Runway! WesFeld. Please forward my consulting fee to 225 West ... Just kidding!!!

It is hard trusting someone who is not experienced in yardage to purchase fabrics for you. Thank god none of the models only came back with swatches. Ha! Natalie would be wearing one of those famous bikinis from Brazil. Sorry -- I think its been a long week. I am so busy getting ready for Fashion Week I forgot to sleep.

Darlings ... research ways that you can live environmentally friendly lifestyles. Always remember that just because you are cut on the second episode, does not mean you are not capable. It just means that everyone has a bad day -- we are all human. Did I mention Suede did a great job, but common tulle -- though I adore using it -- is not environmentally friendly. Try using cotton or silk tulle, or even replacing tulle with silk gazaar. I have moved to using that over the years.

Darlings to the finish of another episode I tilt my glass and say, "Cheers."

P.S. Oh my darlings!!! A friend sent me this wrinkle filler from Switzerland called Arbonne. I tried it last night, for a premiere. I looked like I was nine; well, maybe ten ... 20? Ha!

Cheers darlings ...

On The Road

Book tour updates, be sure to stop by if you can!

Hey kiddos!

The book tour for Fashion Inside Out is going GREAT! Big thanks to all those who have already come out to show their support to me, and to the book; I'm eternally grateful! I hope that you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I'm still on the road for another week or so with MANY stops along the way. Because I'm typing this from the airport terminal (waiting for my flight to San Francisco to board) I can't post all the rest of the stops, so check out my Web site for all the times and locations.

I love you all and hope to see you sometime soon! Have a great weekend (pleeeeease don't put me next to the screaming baby ...)

Daniel xx