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Creating Brooke Shields-like hair for the runway!

Working in teams can oftentimes prove more difficult than flying solo. Today, the contestants experienced this firsthand. Brooke Shields, known for her striking good looks and gorgeous locks, took the designers by surprise as today's guest judge. She challenged them to create an outfit for her character Wendy Healy on Lipstick Jungle. All the contestants pitched their designs, and Brooke chose her top six. The chosen designers then picked a teammate from those who were left. In true Project Runway form, there was more in store for the designers ....

Brooke's character on the show is a high-powered movie executive who also enjoys her time out on the town with her girlfriends. Therefore, each team was instructed to create a garment that could easily transition from day to night. The look was to appear office appropriate with an evening-ready twist.

As the designers made their way into the salon and discussed hair looks, they all decided to stay true to Brooke's signature hairstyle -- big voluminous waves. Keith and Kenley paired up with model Shannon, who we finally met for the first time! She has never been into the TRESemmé Salon before because she has such short hair and her designers generally like to keep it au natural. Keith and Kenley worked great as a team creating a flutter top in fuchsia and lime green along with an espresso brown high-waisted skirt. Shannon looked totally transformed.

Blayne and Leanne decided to go for the ultra-chic power suit -- a throwback to the '80s. They made grey capri pants with a men's style turquoise blue shirt, accentuated by a leather vest with fringing at the back. This gave model Polina a high-powered appearance. A deep purple cami top with a low plunging v-neck completed the day-to-evening look.

Polina's hair texture is ideal to replicate Brooke's classic style. We first added TRESemmé Big Boost Root Lift Spray, which lifts hair at the base. Then, using a large curling iron, we created loose curls by curling from the mid-length down to her ends. Polina and her design team loved her luscious waves. I was SO excited to finally style Polina's hair down! Those wavy blonde locks were a hit on the runway!

Keith and Kenley's good teamwork and versatile design wowed the judges, as did Shannon's new 'do! Brooke raved about the look and said her character would definitely wear it on the show, crowning them the winners of the challenge. However, as we know, working in teams can be tough for some. Kelli did not like working alongside Daniel and would not take any of his advice. The panel could see that their black and leopard garment was not a collaboration but based solely on Kelli's vision, and with that, the judges decided to send Kelli home. Hopefully, the designers know for next time that two minds are better than one.

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