Written In The Stars

Recapping on meeting the designers and these outfits in person!

Though I already knew prior to last night's airing what the designers had created for this challenge, it was still a shock to see that they had such little time to complete their looks. I can definitely attest to the fact that there were problems on the runway last night (especially when looking at those garments up-close!) but overall I'm very impressed seeing how many curve balls were thrown at them and how well they ended up doing. rate_509_blayne.jpgBlayne
Oh Blayne, it seemed that the stars had aligned for you, with a color story consisting of mostly blues and pinks, I would've thought this was a shoo-in for you! I love a story behind a designer's creations, but there is a point where it either goes way too in-depth, or it's simply too literal ... this, oddly enough, was a hybrid of both. I didn't mind the bodysuit idea, or the leather straps, or the use of color, but I sat up in my seat when Tim foreshadowed the advice I gave to Blayne hours later "Are you sure the elements are coherent together?" The design was just TOO one-sided, and in the end, was just ugly. Avant-garde clothing can definitely be arresting at times, but I 100% agreed with the judges when they said that it doesn't look like it took him any time at all ... hand sewing is great, but this is Project Runway. After weeks of questioning Blayne's skills and place on this show, I do think he did a very nice job, having never once balked at bringing his own design sense to a challenge. A metaphorical thread of color, fun, and a sporty feel ran through all of Blayne's designs and I applaud him for that. Best of luck Blayne, and please, now that you're free from the Project Runway clutches, don't forget the SUNSCREEN!


I'm not sure if I should be saying this, but Jerell was actually my second pick for the win, not the first. I did this he did an amazing job with combining fabrications and textures, and was able to bring a bit of whimsy to the collection with elements such as the padded "armor" hips and the sequined arrow twisting in the model's hair. Examining Jerell's design in person, I can also attest that this was one of the most well-executed designs -- sewn beautifully -- and was both interesting from afar as well as up close. My main reason for making it No. 2 though was due to the fact that though I found it beautiful, I wasn't sure if it was different enough. To be honest, if toned down just slightly, this look could walk down an Oscar de la Renta runway no problem! I would've preferred him to turn up the volume just a bit more, possibly playing with volume or proportion; though overall I think it's a beautiful design.


OK, I thought Daniel was off the show and this was Joe's design, because NOTHING about this has Joe's handprint on it -- it's literally screaming Daniel! In fact, I'm celebrity naming them for this post, Daniel + Joe = Danoe. Like Jerell's design, Danoe's was both interesting to look at from afar as it was up close, but unfortunately there were too many elements going on in one look to really make it a winner. I'm not sure if you were able to see on television, but the bodice had been made out of small feathers glued onto a bodice, giving stunning texture and layering near the face. The fabric for the skirt was very nice as well, and moved beautifully when she walked, allowing for volume but not bulk. You add in the weaved fabric on the torso, the rust-colored organza bolero, and a lot of frizzy hair, it just ends up a little too much for me. Overall I thought Danoe's design was good but would've benefited greatly with a little more editing. Also, congratulations to Daniel for being able to finally make the glamorous dress that he had wanted to for all these challenges! P.S. She needs to pull up the dress; her lady bits are looking a little low and saggy.


First of all, I love this fabric and think it's just so dreamy and romantic. I also like the general silhouette of this look, though I think the model ends up looking a little too bulky in the midsection. I remember commenting to Korto that I thought the back of the dress (the cascading ruffles) were falling flat and weren't gliding down her back like I'm sure she had envisioned. After watching the show and seeing as the entire garment had been pinned together when I saw it, I see that she was just as focused on getting the dress constructed as she was with the design itself. I think that it just looks good, not a "wow" for me, but there was good/bad elements that kept it right in the middle: gorgeous colors/awkward hemline for the lining, interesting graphic elements with the collar piece/they look a bit sloppy, good idea with the cascading ruffles/it ended up more crushing waterfall than babbling brook.


This was actually my vote for the top pick. It's an absolute shame that you can't pick up on all of the details of the "exoskeleton" of this design because it was a fantastic work of art! I thought it was a refreshing way to see avant-garde clothing, seeing as there were two main elements to it (the red dress, and the black overlay) that were both well thought-out on their own, but worked beautifully together. I also was surprised (a key as Michael Kors had pointed out) that it was a shorter cocktail dress and not a typical gown -- a very brave move in my eyes. I admit that in the picture it looks bulky and a bit costumey, but in person, I was blown away by how interesting and creative it was. Way to go Leanne!


This was one of my bottom picks as well. I couldn't get over the fact that those chiffon hoops were just stuck onto her back like appliqued wings ... it just seemed like a cop out and rush job for trying to make a pair of satin pants and chiffon blouse more "avant-garde." Looking back, if I applaud Leanne for stepping out of the "gown box" for this challenge, I should applaud Suede for doing the same ... but I just can't do it -- try and make me! (tee-hee) Oh, and does anyone else that it's hilarious that they chose an asymmetrical hairstyle for a Libra? Anyone? Anyone at all!?!


I'm not sure what's worse, the road kill collar we saw at the party, or the alternative that walked down the runway? It's a shame that these two weren't able to separate their egos from the challenge, because I'm sure looking back, even Terri doesn't like this design. All of her past work has been so well-edited, had a distinct point of view, and was always done in good taste ... it's a shame she had to go home on this. Terri I think you're a very talented sportswear designer and am sure that you'll go far in your career. Though Project Runway is a condensed version of what the industry is really like, I heed you to look back on this experience with an open mind and one that gave you a different perspective than the one you had going in. I too thought you could've made it to Fashion Week, and though it may not be through this venture, I'm sure you'll get there someday. Good luck!


Man, she made a lot of enemies this week, didn't she? I wish I could offer some words of kindness but I just don't get this design at all, and I find it arbitrary and irrelevant. I wish they had aired my interaction with Kenley at the party, because as I recall, it was pretty right on. After confidently throwing around words like "innovative" and "original" at me, I asked her if she knew what those words meant, because if used on the runway they'd be thrown back in her face. I'm desperately trying not to write something negative as I'm sure, at this point, the designers are starting to break down, but I just don't see the use in arguing with a panel of respected leaders who have already made it in the fashion industry!?! If it was so damn easy then why are you on Project Runway and not a successful designer on your own -- don't they have SOMETHING relevant for you to take away??? (Santino 2.0 anyone?)

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