Latest Clips

What's Your Sign

S5/EP9: Special guests, tension in the workroom, and a double elimination. (02:42)

Astrological Signs

S5/EP9: Submit a photo or sketch of a look you created inspired by your astrological sign. (00:25)

Model Exit: Kendall

S5/EP9: Stella got eliminated and so did her model Kendall and it doesn't feel good. (03:21)

Booted-licious, pt.1

S5/EP9: Blayne is baffled by his elimination when compared to the other designers' works. (02:02)

Less Than Stella, pt.1

S5/EP8: Stella was surprised she was eliminated though she gained a whole new collection in her mind. (01:59)

The Perfect Wrap Dress

S5/EP8: Diane von Furstenberg is best known for her wrap dresses. See what you can come up with! (00:32)

Double O Fashion

S5/EP8: Tim and the designers pay a visit to fashion legend Diane von Furstenberg. (03:35)

Model Exit: Alyssa

S5/EP8: This was Alyssa's second elimination so she was glad she got another shot. (02:55)