Shep Rose Breaks Down His Friendship with His RelationShep Producer, Sarah

Who is the lady helping the Charleston bachelor find the one?

Shep Rose's journey to find true love on RelationShep isn't a solo one. In addition to welcoming some familiar faces from his Southern Charm crew to support him along the way (more on that below), the Charleston bachelor also has a pal in his producer, Sarah.

Viewers will get to know Shep's right-hand lady a little better as RelationShep progresses — and it's already clear they have a really great BFF chemistry right from the get-go.

Still, Sarah remains a little bit of a mystery. But not for long. recently caught up with Shep and he revealed all about his producer, revealing why their relationship works and how she makes for the perfect stand-in for us to go on this journey with him. Check out what he had to say in the video, above. And check out a what he shared about if he'd ever date her, below.

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Why Doesn’t Shep Date Producer Sarah?
A WWHL viewer asks Shep Rose from #RelationShep why he doesn’t just date his producer Sarah and Shep explains why they wouldn’t work together.
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