Did You Recognize That Bravoleb on Relative Success with Tabatha?

Hint: She's a great chef...

On the last episode of Relative Success with Tabatha, Tabatha Coffey helped put out the familial fire at Sweet Dixie Kitchen by getting owner Kim Sanchez to cut herself some slack and guide children Nick and Coco on how to run the family restaurant. In order to help Kim loosen her grips on the reigns, Tabatha took her to meet a former Bravoleb. Didn't quite catch them? Here's a hint: they were once a top contestant on a favorite Bravo show. That’s right, it’s Top Chef alum Antonia Lofaso.
The executive chef and restauranteur of several successful L.A. hotspots was spotted dishing out advice to Kim on how to teach and trust her employees. Let's hope Antonia's words of wisdom and Tabatha's no nonsense attitude allow Kim to create her own top chefs at Sweet Dixie Kitchen.

And get Tabatha's thoughts on the recent Sweet Dixie Kitchen scandal below:

Relative Success with Tabatha
Tabatha Coffey Reacts to the Sweet Dixie Kitchen Scandal
Get her thoughts on the restaurant getting caught serving Popeye's chicken and how the owner should move forward.

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