Jes Gordon

Jes Gordon gives tips for flattering lighting.

on Jun 16, 2011

A great lighting tip is: use Flame (amber, orange, pink, red tones rather than Cold (blues, green tones) when entertaining. Flame tones resemble “soap opera” lighting and give a soft hue to people rather than concentrating on the harder lines of their faces. Using lavender for Geoff’s room was a nice compromise…

We also used copper accents in the pendant lighting and the votives on Geoff’s table which added a nice BLING element to a very masculine room. Every event needs a little bling.

Meanwhile in Chef JJ’s room, we were working hard to get the jazz feel; that hopping celebratory ambiance that people are just trying to get into!. Lots of rich colors, fire place, the old piano and of course that VIP satellite bar that only serves the finest of the fine.  We wanted it to feel like the police would break up this party at any minute! 

I liked that JJ focused upon flowers.. a lot of dudes don't.. I am not a huge fan of mixing Red and White as he requested so, I just rocked out elegant low arrangements consisting of mini White Calla Lilies in Square Black Vases which mixed in a nice masculine element.  I got away with this, he really liked it in the end. 

I loved that JJ spoke constantly of how he wanted the room to “feel” rather than only on how it looked; to me this is what makes an ultimate dinner party. Lets face it, if people are going to be seated for a long while the room not only needs to look great it needs to feel great!!

JJ kept mentioning that underground feel so I thought it would be a fun element to add the rope and stancion at the entrance where Rocco could check his guests into a night full of intrigue and elegance. 

Congrats Chef JOE!! 

I wanted to keep both parties intimate and create an experience where the guests could see each other, and interact with the decor. The harmonicas or small 20's cars were a huge hit and added that clever, whimsical element, and something to talk about.  After all, it  is a party!

The real challenges faced on this episode were getting it all done in time!

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