Jes Gordon

Jes Gordon responds to Jung Lee's comments, saying that sometimes less isn't more.

on Jul 6, 2011

Is less really more all of time? In this case, I didn’t agree…. I felt like Ryan needed some fun focal points in the room amongst all of his organic elements. Sometimes organic design can fall flat in a room. When you only work with organic tones and textures there is no pop to the environment! You need to mix country and rock 'n' roll. 

I did change out the dining table to a natural rosewood plank table, which was surrounded by natural bamboo chairs, and all of the florals consisted of pod elements mixed with real artichokes within bamboo vases and surrounded by accents of shells, and driftwood. I wanted to pump up the color a little in the room by adding really fab silk striped pillows for the back of the dining chairs and we took a plain white rug that was beneath the table and painted matching stripes on it to match the pillows. To me, this helped give the room a “KA POW” much like a superhero logo.

I don’t know if you all noticed the gorgeous huge photos on the wall amongst that awesome surfer dude painting, but those photos were actually pictures from my honeymoon in the Maldives!! There is nothing wrong with inviting your guests into your own private world at your events. Every one of your events should represent who you are as a person in some form or another in a digestible way. 

For Ryan, I felt that he definitely needed a surf element in his room, but I decided to not go the surf board/dining table route, the shape would be a nightmare to eat at! Instead, we sourced some really organic surfboards to just hang out in the corner of his room to bring the surf vibe in full circle. It’s cute that a guy from Chicago was so “beach-centric.”


For such a messy girl, her design scheme was super-chic and neat! Jen wanted to channel that ethereal and sexy vibe that you get from all of the super trendy Miami hotels and nightclubs. She secretly told me that she also wanted this look for her upcoming wedding and that her dinner party was a perfect place to try it out.