Jes Gordon

Jes Gordon found her design kindred spirit in Janet.

on Jul 27, 2011

Rocco often mentioned that Janet’s intellect got in the way of her cooking; it was exactly the opposite in terms of her design! Janet’s ambition and love for several components going on at once were essential to allowing me to create a room that folks would talk about long after the dinner party was over.    

Was Janet’s room really any less comfortable because her design was more controversial? Did her room express an individual’s taste in décor and atmosphere that differs from anyone else? You bet it did. I speak of this in my book -- you have to make it personal, and express yourself. It is not only about the food!

Its rare that after 25 years of designing and managing full experiential atmospheres that I haven’t “been there, done that” in some form or another, but Janet’s room was not a repeat performance for me in any way. What a joy! 

Lets list out some of the awesome elements that made up Janet’s multicultural and dimensional ambiance:

One of the wow factors of Janet’s room was the “Dog Save the Queen” Union Jack on the wall.

The use of tartan plaid distressed curtains tied back with gold chains added fun texture to the room.

The black Louis “comfortable” chairs with the Vivienne Westwood style sashes were very tailored and handsome.

The country flowers and the use of hot pink mixed with black was really country and rock 'n' roll and punk!