Jes Gordon

Jes Gordon details the differences between the vibes of Natalie and Vanessa's party rooms.

on Jul 20, 2011


Girl power has entered the kitchen on this episode of Rocco’s Dinner Party, but I can honestly say that these two ladies could not be more different!! As a designer, I adore when my clients vary, it keeps me on my toes and keeps my creative juices flowing, and there is no time to be bored, that is for sure! Celebrating the differences in people is truly what often makes me tick in my career. The final products that come from variation open my mind to my constantly evolving in my life as an event producer and as a person.

As the Signature Dish Challenge was happening, there was no doubt that I was really hoping to get to work with Natalie. I just had to hear what she would come up with, or if I could truly get it out of her within our 15-minute consultation. I was also a tiny bit hesitant of working with her simply because in my experience balance is a crucial ingredient to any successful event, and Natalie didn't scream “balanced” to me! I knew that was where my expertise would be needed for Natalie’s dinner party.

An event’s environment is much like an equalizer on a stereo that is set perfectly to create the most harmonious sound throughout your event. There are different levels on an equalizer that have to work together all at once so there is a cohesive atmosphere as a result. 

After meeting Vanessa, I know that she would create this balance to the evening that would ultimately bring the guests back to a calmer atmosphere, where the guests could recover. It turned out that these two very opposite personalities were successful in taking Rocco and his guests on an incredible journey throughout the evening that made them travel to opposite points of the entertaining world.