Jes Gordon

Jes Gordon details the differences between the vibes of Natalie and Vanessa's party rooms.

on Jul 20, 2011

The sexy red tones, plush velvet fabrics, masses of candles, and gold chandeliers certainly set a rich and decadent vibe to Natalie’s room. I brought in mismatched plush seating to match Natalie’s erratic design patterns and the ever-famous naked fat people art pieces for the wall, which obviously helped express Natalie’s joie de vivre and her sense of humor. Celebration complements a sense of humor and vice versa. It is a time in our lives where we can go back to childhood almost, when we had no cares in the world and everything just made us giggle. I was proud that Natalie wanted to focus on this emotion as a driving factor for her design. Lord knows that being a mother of five probably contributed to that!

It’s important to remember that when you are planning an event, you are lucky to do so. We are blessed to have friends and family and a place we can entertain in. It’s not a funeral we are planning it's a party!! C’mon people!

Vanessa’s “light and cool” atmosphere caused an “ahhhhh” sensation from Rocco and his guests. The use of cool blue and green tones with that shock of yellow literally transported the guests from Natalie’s “heavy” environment much like getting out of a hot tub into a cool summer night….

Vanessa was very organized, and expressed her vision perfectly to me. The use of the aqua blue toile fabric for the table acted as a much-needed visual texture that the intimate dining room screamed for. I added some gorgeous double-toned dupioni silk curtains in two tones of blue and green to create a little shine and “bling” in the room. I didn't want Vanessa’s room to fall too flat in comparison to Natalie’s mega room. LOL!

To bring the toile fabric full circle, I used some extra pieces of it to use as tiebacks for the curtains. I also wanted to bring in some more of Vanessa’s Caribbean and Haitian vibe by hanging some installations of mosquito netting from the ceiling, and I created a perimeter of white candle lanterns and blue and yellow candles around the room. Also to break up the room a little, I used panels of cool blue grass paper to make a bold visual statement along the walls to create more of a backdrop to the environment.