Jes Gordon

Jes Gordon reveals what she would have changed about Sharon's dining room.

on Aug 3, 2011

Gradients of whites are gorgeous too. People don’t realize that there a million different colors of white that can layer on top of each other harmoniously, or using a different texture like even a faux fur or a mixed pattern in neutral tones can create gorgeous dimension in a small space. 

As I watched the episode something that caught my attention about Sharon was that she served mint s’mores for dessert instead of the regular s’mores without mint. I wish she had taken this type of thinking and variety into her room décor -- the evening might have been more exciting for Rocco and his guests. 

In this case, less would have definitely been more in terms of Sharon’s design ideas. 

When I first met Frank, he was, as Sharon says, “a douche.” The guy was obviously just over it and completely uninspired by the fashion concept, so I sat with him for a bit and just chilled out, and let him marinate in Rocco’s formal dining room for a bit. Then I saw a couple of pretty dimples come out on his face, and his eyes brighten and he said “I got it!” He told me his wife is his inspiration for almost everything in his life, so why not use this inspiring element to create his dining room environment. I love this!! To me, this is what style is all about and where fashion is born. Frank took something he loves, and wanted to turn into something he could not only share with Rocco and his guests but with the world.

I immediately got to work on Frank’s room. I really didn’t need much from him after he gave his wife’s initial look: lots of '40s Hollywood glamour accents, corsets (HOT!!), BLING! (also so hot!!) And romance. Frank, you had me at the “shiny silver pretty things….”

I brought in a fab, shiny-mirrored vanity table and dressed with awesome '40s era vanity props, pearls, hair brushes, rhinestone hair clips, and diamonds!!