Party Picks

Liza Minnelli, Alan Cumming, Sandra Bernhard, Kenneth Cole, Marvin Hamlisch, and Sam Harris? What more could you ask for?

Aug 17, 20110

5. Even though Sandra Bernhard got a little flack for her "negative" comments at the table, I agreed with all of them! And, I too, would have preferred dark chocolate over milk chocolate on my strawberry. Also, I too, would have questioned being served a strawberry as an amuse-bouche.

6. I also found it odd that Frank served a soup followed by a stew, and I don't think anyone commented on it. 

6. Every time Marvin Hamlisch spoke, all I could think about was this:



7. Also, I used to have a crush on Alan Cumming. Like, when Cabarat first came out. Oh well.

That's all from me this season. What did you guys think of the premiere? And what was your favorite episode of the season?


Remind me never to invite Sandra Bernhard to a dinner party. She was a terrible guest and seemed oblivious to the fact that they were celebrating Liza's birthday. The other guests could hardly get a word in with all of her complaining.