Rocco DiSpirito

Rocco DiSpirito sheds light on Kevin's win. 

on Jul 28, 2011

Now onto dessert: White and Dark Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding. For those of you keeping score at home, you’ve seen how many tantalizing, gooey, scrumptious-looking, loaded-with-more-calories-than-I've-eaten-this-year bread puddings I’ve scarfed down. But what the hell, I decided to have one last fling with this heavy, hearty food. That scale had better be merciful in the morning. Honestly though, I didn’t eat that much of it. No one else did either. No one really like the way Kevin “deconstructed” it.

That’s a word tossed around a lot last night. It’s chef-speak for taking individual components in a recipe and are arranging them separately, or plating them in a different way. So in Kevin’s dessert, he took the banana out of the bread pudding and put a sliced banana on the plate next to a little glob of bread pudding. Sure, the dish made for interesting visual appeal, but I was sort of ambivalent about the actual taste of the dish -- or even the idea behind it, because as a diner, you have to take your fork and reconstruct the dish anyway, so what’s the point? I’m into flavor -- that’s been my hallmark as a chef -- and you can’t really fuse flavors if you’re going to take things apart. I’m a very liberal chef, but when it comes to deconstructing stuff, leave that to the guys who are remodeling my kitchen.

Although Kevin’s last impression wasn’t his best impression, my guests had the best time at his dinner party. They loved the very-pubby British atmosphere of his room, they loved certain parts of his menu, they just had a freaking good time, and I could feel it. The competition was so close, but in the end it was Kevin who produced a gastronomical experience for everyone.