Rocco DiSpirito

Rocco DiSpirito goes deep about why Corey Roberts' party ultimately won.

on Jul 14, 2011
Although the gods of great food were smiling down on both dinner parties, I had to pick a winner. Nicole and Corey left no taste bud unturned; the dinner party gave both chefs a chance to show their stuff. They were masters at plating, too. As I say, “All the plate is a stage.” People eat with their eyes first. When a plate arrives at the table, you've already made an initial judgment on whether you’ll like it or not by how good it looks. Corey and Nicole made sure that the different items on their dishes were varied, colorful and attractively-arranged.

I quickly polled my guests and there was one clear winner –- Corey –- whose fried cheese exploded in flavor and whose shrimp dish redeemed itself in a big way.  He went out of his way to impress us with loads of delicious handmade food and designed a perfect country setting. As close as Nicole came to showing us what an elegant city night looks and tastes like we all had a better time with Corey.

Thank you, Terrance, Melissa, Deborah, Christian, Mo, and Tiler. The whole point of entertaining is to have fun, and you made it fun.

And I’ll never look at airline food the same way again.