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Schedule for 2017-05-31

  1. Andy Cohen's Then and Now

    S1/EP6: 1985 - The Year Culture Clashed


    Andy looks back at the biggest pop culture moments of 1985, from Madonna’s breakout year to the birth of Blockbuster Video. Chatting with housewives, celebrities and newsmakers including Willie Geist, Nile Rodgers, Rosie Perez and more, Andy and friends discover how the first WrestleMania influenced the current political climate and how the celeb-studded Live Aid concert inspired the charitable movements of today. Plus, Andy digs deep to uncover juicy, never-before-heard moments from his celebrity guests.

  2. Andy Cohen's Then and Now

    S1/EP7: 1990: The Year Rebels Ruled


    Andy explores the most talked about moments of 1990 from Madonna's "Vogue" to Nelson Mandela's release from prison. Sitting down with celebrity guests Amber Rose, Ali Wentworth, Aisha Tyler and more, Andy uncovers how Sinead O’Connor transformed the current face of beauty, and how Twin Peaks gave birth to today’s golden age of television. Plus, Andy gets the dishy details on a major celebrity hookup.

  3. Southern Charm Savannah

    S1/EP1: Welcome To Savannah, Y'all


    Beneath Savannah’s beautiful oak trees draped in Spanish moss is an exclusive world that will seduce you with its blue-blood refinement, history, and mystery. In the debut episode, Catherine welcomes Lyle back to Savannah putting their long distance relationship to the test; while Nelson is forced to face his storied past. Meanwhile, Ashley finally has a night out with the girls only to find her fun go up in flames.

  4. Southern Charm Savannah

    S1/EP2: Par for the Strip Golf Course


    In the aftermath of her house fire, Ashley confronts some hard truths about her marriage. Meanwhile, as Catherine and Lyle settle into a "grown-up" relationship, Hannah looks forward to a future with "grown-up" Louis. But when Louis ends up playing strip golf with Ashley, all bets are off. Later, the ladies attend a very traditional bridal shower for Happy's very non-traditional marriage.

  5. Southern Charm Savannah

    S1/EP3: Boys of Summer


    Hannah finds herself bewildered after her strip golf fight with Ashley ends unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Daniel prepares for his debut as a drag queen and Catherine ends up in the deep-end with her first interior design project. Later, Nelson hosts a poker party where his mouth gets him in trouble and Lyle reveals a shocking secret about Ashley.

  6. Southern Charm Savannah

    S1/EP4: Hurricane on the Horizon


    In the aftermath of Lyle's revelation that Ashley works as a baggage handler, Ashley hears a juicy rumor about Catherine and Lyle. Meanwhile, Happy urges her mother to support her marriage to Azam, and Hannah finds some unexpected opposition as she attempts to start a dress line. Later, as Hurricane Matthew nears Savannah, Catherine hosts a dinner party that quickly becomes a storm of its own. 

  7. Million Dollar Listing New York

    S6/EP1: Good as Gold


    Big changes are in store for season six of the Emmy-nominated Million Dollar Listing New York, with one agent newly married, one agent newly spiritual, and one agent....well, NEW. Former fashion-model turned super-successful-agent Steve Gold joins the cast, but quickly finds himself battling two young sellers who won't respect their elder. Ryan has little time for the honeymoon phase with Emilia as he plans on expanding rapidly into Brooklyn, hoping to sell 50 houses in just three months. Fredrik is becoming a calmer, more meditative agent...that is, until he meets a Tribeca seller who won't negotiate pennies off of her listing price.

  8. The Real Housewives of New York City

    S9/EP1: Talk of the Town


    It’s fall in the city, and the ladies are back. Luann catches Dorinda up on how her wedding plans are unfolding and who from the group is invited to the big day. Dorinda complains about Sonja’s persistent bad mouthing of her. Bethenny and her realtor friend Fredrik get to work to sell the apartment she got back in the divorce. Carole, who is invested in the upcoming presidential election, has made some changes to her living situation. Later, Luann confronts Ramona about her continuous meddling regarding Tom.

  9. The Real Housewives of New York City

    S9/EP2: It Girl, Interrupted


    Former “it girl” Tinsley Mortimer, has just moved back to the city after a tumultuous few years, including getting arrested, and is the latest boarder in Sonja’s townhouse. Bethenny invites Carole and Ramona over to discuss life, politics and Sonja’s new roommate’s tragic fall from the heights of the NYC social scene. Ramona fills Dorinda in on the dirt she has about Tom, Luann’s fiancé. Sonja throws a Mad Hatter tea party to introduce everyone, except Dorinda, to Tinsley.   

  10. The Real Housewives of New York City

    S9/EP3: A New Low


    The ladies head to the Hamptons for a weekend of fun and an early birthday dinner at Ramona’s. Carole is staying at Bethenny’s and the only thing she can talk about is the election. Splitting her weekend between Luann’s and Ramona’s homes, Dorinda prepares to see Sonja for the first time since learning about the gossip she has been spreading about her for months . Ramona takes the wrong approach with Bethenny when asking about her film role from 20 years ago.  

  11. The Real Housewives of New York City

    S9/EP4: The Etiquette of Friendship


    Ramona’s Hampton’s dinner party continues and barely into the salad, Dorinda takes the conversation to a new level when she confronts Sonja about her incessant trash talking. Carole disinvites Ramona from her Election Night party because she doesn’t believe Ramona is taking the presidential election seriously enough. Tinsley gets drinks with Luann and Dorinda, but leaves out her roommate Sonja.  

  12. The Real Housewives of New York City

    S9/EP5: The Politics of Friendship


    Carole and her mom go canvassing in Pennsylvania in the last moments before the presidential election, and later Carole and her friends watch the results come in while at her party. Sonja is conflicted between “Frenchie” and Rocco. Dorinda conspires to get Ramona to a surprise party she’s throwing for her, but Ramona unknowingly throws a wrench in the plans.  

  13. The Real Housewives of New York City

    S9/EP6: Wishful Invitation


    Carole attends the memorial service Dorinda has for her husband, Richard, who died five years ago. Bethenny considers upgrading to a larger apartment. Tensions between Sonja and Tinsley are on the rise as Sonja blames her for everything wrong in the townhouse, forcing Tinsley to think about moving into her own place. Dorinda and the other bridesmaids get a sneak peek at Luann’s wedding dress. Over group drinks, Ramona first questions Luann about not being invited to her wedding and then decides to confront Bethenny yet again.  

  14. The Real Housewives of New York City

    S9/EP7: Bidding on Love


    While out furniture shopping, Bethenny lets Dorinda know all about her new apartment. Ramona gets advice from her daughter Avery about her situation with Bethenny. Tinsley, Ramona and Sonja hit the Upper East Side for a night out on the town. Tinsley has to answer to Sonja when she meets a young suitor who does not meet all the qualifications on her list. At Dorinda’s charity event, Bethenny meets Luann’s fiancé, Tom, for the first time and Carole  gets info from a friend of Luann’s that there may be trouble in paradise.  

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    The Real Housewives Of New York City Social


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    Love Connection [101] Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

  18. Thursday, June 1

  19. The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    S2/E8: War Of The Darbys

    Ashley and Michael's marriage is tested when she unveils a new menu at a press event and Michael attempts to shut it down. Gizelle and Karen head out for a double date where the truth comes out about Gizelle's date. Robyn questions her home life and identity after a birthday dinner for her mom. Karen attempts to mend fences.

  20. Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

    S14/EP70: Sonja Morgan & Michael Rapaport

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