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  1. The Real Housewives of New York City Ep 4: The Art of Being a Cougar

    S7/EP4: Ep 4: The Art of Being a Cougar


    After a wild single ladies night, Carole catches up with Heather at the Highline to discuss her dating life. Later, Carole gets her game on with Luann’s hot, younger chef, Adam. Bethenny decides to throw herself a last minute birthday dinner, where Sonja and Luann bring some much younger men as their dates. Meanwhile, Kristen is upset she didn’t get an invite to the party. Ramona meets up with her restaurant partner Peter to discuss business, with a side of flirting. The night ends with a war of words between Bethenny and Heather at dinner, while Carole and Dorinda watch on as the two alpha divas go head to head.

  2. The Real Housewives of New York City Ep 5: Mind Your Own Business

    S7/EP5: Ep 5: Mind Your Own Business


    Having been warned about Sonja's questionable business aspirations, Bethenny has lunch with her to see firsthand if the other women have a point. Meanwhile, Luann and Dorinda meet for pedicures to discuss Dorinda’s impressions of the ladies and her relationship with John. Kristen has a photo shoot guerilla-style on the streets of New York for her new fashion blog. Later, Dorinda hosts a cocktail party for all of the ladies and their men, where Carole makes a confession to Luann, Sonja feels attacked from all sides, and Dorinda’s boyfriend gets flirty with some of the guests.

  3. The Real Housewives of New York City Ep 6: Double Down on Delusion

    S7/EP6: Ep 6: Double Down on Delusion


    The women all head off together to Atlantic City for Ramona’s first birthday without Mario. Things get off to a rough start when Sonja won’t let the ladies into her townhouse, and they have to wait outside in the pouring rain. After a memorable limo ride to Atlantic City, the ladies try to change their luck and sit down for a lavish dinner. Things turn sour when Bethenny calls Sonja out for not listening to her, leaving Sonja in tears. Ramona changes the mood with some raucous gambling and dirty dancing. Still frustrated with Sonja’s outrageous, alcohol-fueled behavior, Bethenny tries to have a serious talk with her, leading to a no-holds-barred exchange.

  4. The Real Housewives of New York City Ep 7: Family Matters

    S7/EP7: Ep 7: Family Matters


    Back from Atlantic City, Ramona keeps her birthday festivities rolling with a party for herself and her gal pals. When some of the women attend a boxing match, Carole and Luann head to their respective corners when Luann mentions Carole’s young beau, Adam. After admitting to having a hard time opening up to the ladies, Bethenny heads to Miami to connect with her closest friend and to mend fences with her estranged stepfather. Luann is also in Miami for her daughter's appearance in the art festival, Art Basel. When Bethenny meets with her stepfather, John, for the first time in 20 years, they attempt to hash out her troubled past, and Bethenny is forced to reckon with a new revelation.


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  6. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Ep 21: Reunion Part Two

    S5/EP21: Ep 21: Reunion Part Two


    The Beverly Hills Housewives continue reliving good times and airing their grievances. Eileen discusses how Brandi went from a high-school fan to a wine-tossing foe. Kim delves into her own issues with the soap stars and goes after Lisa Rinna as they debate the glass-breaking incident in Amsterdam and Kim’s veiled threats to reveal something about Lisa’s husband Harry.  Leading into a breakdown between sisters, Kim and Kyle vacillate between anger and tears.

  7. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Ep 22: Reunion Part Three

    S5/EP22: Ep 22: Reunion Part Three


    The reunion concludes with plenty more drama and a little bit of humor. While the women can laugh about who has the dirtiest mouth, things turn sour when Kim reveals threatening texts Lisa Rinna sent her after Adrienne’s party. Kyle and Brandi argue about the “space-cakes” in Amsterdam and Kyle’s relationship with Kim unravels further as they bring deep seeded issues to the surface.

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  9. The Real Housewives of Atlanta Ep 22: Atlanta Twirls On

    S7/EP22: Ep 22: Atlanta Twirls On


    Kandi makes a surprise announcement that startles not only her daughter, Riley, but Mama Joyce as well. As Peter and Cynthia say goodbye to Bar One, they receive a shocking phone call from Apollo in prison. NeNe rushes through final preparations for her debut in Cinderella on Broadway, and Kenya invites everyone to a screening event of her new pilot Life Twirls On.

  10. The Real Housewives of Atlanta Ep 23: Reunion Part 1

    S7/EP23: Ep 23: Reunion Part 1


    The three-part reunion begins as the ladies come together for the first time this season to set the record straight on all the drama. NeNe and Kandi get into a heated exchange of words when NeNe reveals her frustration towards Kandi for statements she’s made. Phaedra reflects on the emotional season she’s endured with her husband Apollo becoming incarcerated and shocks the group with surprising revelations about her marriage. Newbie Claudia discusses how she’s managed to thrive within this group of sassy Southern ladies, which leads to her and Porsha going head-to-head once again.

  11. The Real Housewives of Atlanta Ep 24: Reunion Part 2

    S7/EP24: Ep 24: Reunion Part 2


    In Reunion Part 2, the women discuss how friendships have shifted and created a new group dynamic, which leads to a tearful Kandi as she and Phaedra address the cracks in their relationship. Accused of stirring the pot, Cynthia speaks out about the backlash she’s received for being more outspoken than ever. Finally, the men join the mix to give their take on many of the hot-button issues from the season.

  12. The Real Housewives of Atlanta Ep 25: Reunion Part 3

    S7/EP25: Ep 25: Reunion Part 3


    NeNe and Cynthia discuss the demise of their relationship and if there is any glimmer of hope for a reconciliation. Claudia and NeNe address their rocky start and attempt to settle their differences. Therapist Dr. Jeff joins the ladies to rehash their group therapy session and in a shocking turn of events, NeNe breaks down in tears and opens up to the group that leads to a surprising conclusion.

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    Kandi's Ski Trip Social

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  15. The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Kandi's Ski Trip


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  17. Blood Sweat and Heels Ep 8: (Don't) Save the Date!

    S2/EP8: Ep 8: (Don't) Save the Date!


    While Chantelle engages in a fast-paced blind date with a good looking bachelor, Mica invites her new man over for an intimate date at her apartment. Demetria's wedding cake tasting takes a turn for the worse after Greg makes comments that bring Demetria to tears. Later, the group heads to the Hamptons for some much needed bonding time. The fun comes to an end for Demetria when she must make a difficult choice between her fiancé and her bestie, Geneva. Daisy struggles to maintain composure when the ladies laugh through a painful moment related to her illness.

  18. The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Kandi's Ski Trip


  19. Shahs of Sunset Ep 12: Bubbles of Fertility

    S4/EP12: Ep 12: Bubbles of Fertility


    With the big day around the corner, issues between Reza and Adam begin to mount. After Adam accompanies Reza to a therapy session, Reza is forced to make a decision about their future. Meanwhile, MJ finds the courage to see a doctor and test her fertility.

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