Lose-Lose Situation

CJ explains what went wrong in this week's challenge.

For our second photo shoot we went into the city. When we arrived we followed a trail of candy. We then figured out that we were going to be either covered in candy or eating it. When we finally made it to the set Tyson and Nicole told us that we were going to be painted and covered in candy.  Each of us was given a candy to represent. I was a blue gumball. The hardest part for me was being nude in front of everyone. I’ve only ever let one person see me naked so it was quite uncomfortable. I had a lot of trouble with the actual shoot because the hair was so heavy. The runway was HORRIBLE! When we got to the Maybelline studio I thought that it was going to be OK because the clothes were halfway decent. Then we found out it was in pairs … and then we had to pick a piece of candy as a prop … WTF. I have enough trouble making it down the catwalk alone so having to coordinate with a partner was hell. Shawn was my partner and in our practice runway we did OK but when we did it in front of the judges it went bad. We agreed on a count of four at the end of the runway but as I was turning around to walk back Shawn was still standing there waving the lollipop like an idiot. At this point I just gave up and felt embarrassed but laughed it off. I was in the bottom three this week. The judges said my picture was OK but they didn’t like the way my body was positioned even though that’s the way the photographer put me. They also said my walk was terrible. I understood completely but I felt like Shawn should have been there with me. They told me I should’ve stood up for myself and not like them style me in flat shoes or wear my hood up. It was kind of a lose-lose situation because if I would’ve said I didn’t want to wear what I was wearing I would have been seen as difficult to work with but when I do what the stylist wants the judges aren’t satisfied.

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