Welcome to Fashion Week!

Kelly Killoren Bensimon kicks off Fashion Week in NYC with MAC cosmetics and Milk Studios.

Welcome to 2010 Fashion Week. It's February and the snow has fallen all over New York but that won't stop fashion, for fashion doesn't care about weather. It allows you to look hot anytime anywhere. We started off the week with horrific news. I can't speak about Mr. McQueen for I did not know him, but I can encourage us all to take this news and use it as a vehicle to reflect. Mr. McQueen will be missed by his family, friends, and fans.

On a lighter note, MAC cosmetics and Milk Studios (where I filmed and posed for Playboy's March cover) held an intimate reception in celebration of L.A.M.B (line by Gwen Stefani) Thursday night. The powerhouse under MAC's John Demsey is Jenne Lombardo who had a brillant idea: let's take Surf Lodge a well-known Montauk haunt and bring it to Fashion Week. The food, by uber master chef Sam Talbot, and the beach-like aesthetic vision was created by "Good Units" and "Gold Bar" master Mr. Rob Mckinley, and Jenne Lombardo. Poof! An oasis on 15th street and 10th Avenue. It didn't hurt that such stars as Gwen Stefani, Josh Hartnett, Toni Braxton, Kelly Osbourne, and many models drank and ate to the twinkling lights of the West Side Highway.Typical New York Fashion Week. Hot guests, amazing food, and incredible ideas. Here's to the start of Fashion Week 2010.

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