Reza: I've Never Been So Hungover

Reza Farahan dishes on his secret bachelor party.

Reza Farahan, Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi How were you feeling after the conversation with Mike?
Reza Farahan: After the conversation with Mike, I felt sadness and a void. I didn't care about what Mike had done, but I felt like the bond that Mike and I had had was no longer present. I just wanted my friend, who used to be accountable, to show up. What was the best part of your secret bachelor party?
RF: The best part of the secret bachelor party was the very beginning at the dinner, because honestly after that I was wasted and really don't recall anything that happened after that point. How hungover were you for the joint bachelor party?
RF: I've never been as hungover as I was after the secret bachelor party. It all came up, projectile-style! So imagine having to be social the day after your longest night of partying and drinking. It was painful!

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