Shahs' Shervin Roohparvar Explains the Differences Between the Bay Area and L.A.

"They don't even know what bling bling is in the Bay!"

The differences between Northern California's Bay Area and Southern California's Los Angeles area are much discussed in an (occasionally) friendly rivalry between residents of both regions. Shahs of Sunset newcomer Shervin Roohparvar is in a unique position to speak on those differences... because he's lived in both, as Silicon Valley entreprenuer turned Southern California transplant.

"The Bay and L.A. are grossly different," he told Jet Set as he prepared for the Shahs' reunion taping in Los Angeles. "In the Bay, the culture’s different."

How so? Well, Shervin explained that the Bay Area is, "much more conservative, it’s much more downplayed, it’s much more understated… and L.A. is the exact opposite!"

Among the key differences Shervin identified was the way people in both cities spend money. "In L.A., it's all about the flash. They don’t even know what bling bling is in the Bay!"

But that's not because there isn't as much money floating around the San Francisco and Silicon Valley scene, of course — far from it. And that's a fact that Shervin was quick to acknowledge. "It’s funny because out here, someone will be like, 'This guy’s worth 20 million bucks.' Yeah great, [if] my neighbor [in the Bay] is worth 20 million bucks tomorrow he’ll kill himself! Like, 'What happened to all my money?!'"

But despite the wealth in Northern California, the culture there does not support the kind of splashy lifestyle Shervin knows all too well living in L.A. "They don’t have fun with it the way we do," he said. "They reinvest it. They epitomize what my dad would want you to do with the money. Out here they do what we would want to do with the money!"

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