The (Kind of Gross) Reason Shahs' Shervin Roohparvar Refuses to Eat Red Meat on Planes

He is a fan of scotch at cruising altitude, however.

Shervin Roohparvar

Shahs of Sunset's Shervin Roohparvar wants you to know that his jet-setting taste buds are extremely particular — so particular, in fact, that he won't even touch red meat when he's on an airplane, regardless of what class he's seated in.

"I try my best to resist the temptation of the heated plate filled with salt and preservatives, which is conveniently placed on the tray table in front of the seat I am physically strapped into," Shervin told Jet Set exclusively. "Boredom and scotch somehow always make me hungry." Fair enough.

"That being said, I refuse to eat any red meat on a plane. I think airplane red meat would perform better as filler material for potholes than something to be consumed by humans."

So it's a matter of taste preference, then? No, Shervin said — not entirely. There's another, more physical reason he voids red meat on planes too: "I'm not a big fan of being constipated — and that is most likely a guaranteed consequence of having airplane red meat."

He claims he doesn't have any real insider info on the quality or safety of red meat on airplanes — just that "the red meat on a plane is often so dry and overlooked, I could throw it on the ground and it would bounce.

And he is a connoisseur among carnivores: "I'm a real old-school steak guy."

I was so full but couldn't resist more protein! #meat #thebigrib #lacountyfair #shahs

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Shervin's feeling on airplane beef aren't uncommon, either, with popular bloggers actually documenting their full-on hatred of mile-high beef for the entire internet to see, appreciate, and agree with. It makes sense, too — because even if you find yourself with a high-quality sirloin in first class, science suggests that taste buds are dramatically altered at high altitudes. That means even treasured truffles might taste a bit off when you're at cruising altitude.

For what it's worth? As he already alluded, Shervin does have a favorite airplane snack... and it's of the liquid variety. "My favorite airplane snack is scotch," he told us. "After a few, I can sleep for the rest of the flight and there is no flight easier than the one you sleep through."

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