After 'Sunset'

Reza and his father' emotional reunion evoked waterworks from's Senior Editor.

Apr 8, 2012

OK, first I want to admit that this episode made me cry. Reza made me cry. But we'll get to Reza and his father in a moment. Extra points if any of you can name which show the title of this recap serves as a tagline.

OK, back to Shahs. Let's start with GG and Asa at Decades, which just so happens to be a new show on Bravo! Rachel Zoe fans might also remember the upscale vintage shop from Rachel Zoe's Birkin addiction. This isn't just a vintage shop, the stuff there is vintage couture. But GG's not having it -- what she is having is an awesome time with her new BFF, Asa! I have to say, that I love this friendship. They're honest with each other, and I think genuinely like each other -- just not each other's style. Since everyone is getting along so well, why not have a girls' night! So, they do.

Girls' Night. GG doesn't want any drama. Riiight. The girls head to dinner at Xai, but it turns into a disaster. First, GG confronts MJ about her tardiness at GG's parents' anniversary party. The whole exchange seems a little passive-aggressive, but MJ admits to needing to change her ways and GG makes jokes, so all is forgiven. But then, Anita decided it was the appropriate time to call MJ out for her catty behavior in Vegas. As a Housewife from pretty much any one of our franchises would say "This is not the time or the place." MJ already had to defend herself against GG, so it seemed like a bit much to talk about Vegas too, especially when not everyone at the table went to Vegas. The girls recount the dress exchange at Reza's birthday dinner and Asa's friend, Sunny, chimes in telling GG she's not a nice girl, etc. It gets heated, GG gets up, but Sunny leaves. Asa comes back and tells GG in a very calm way that she was mean to her friend.