After 'Sunset'

Reza and his father' emotional reunion evoked waterworks from's Senior Editor.

Apr 8, 2012

I actually watched the fight twice to see who really started it, and i have to say that I actually think Sunny may have been out of line. My officemates don't agree with me, and maybe, once again, I just want to defend GG. I don't think Sunny wasn't in a position to comment on the situation because she wasn't there. Did GG act like a calm, collected person? Of course not. Should people know that anything could set her off? No. But in her defense, she was provoked. That doesn't excuse her reaction, but I think it explains it a bit. And, hey, at least she kept her knives at home!

Later, we see GG talking to her sister about the situation and her sister expresses her concern about GG's temper, relating her to a ticking time bomb. True. We'll see if GG really takes anger management classes and can grow in that way.

OK, on to MJ and Reza. I just want to take a moment and talk about the ridiculously generous gift Sammy got MJ in the form of diamond earrings. Sure, he got a discount, but he still spent a couple thousand dollars on them. Mj thinks this is warranted for a 20-year friendship. Uhhh, if it is, i'm in trouble! I think the most expensive gift I ever bought a friend was a bottle of Johnny WAlker Blue, and I literally engraved it with the words "This is the last give you'll ever get from me"! I'll let him know, though, that I expect diamond studs for my birthday. I'm sure he'll understand.