After 'Sunset'

Knives! Colonics! Asa! What more could one ask for in an episode?

Mar 30, 2012
Oh, and before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MJ! It's her birthday! And what do you get your friend for a birthday? A colonic obviously. Sooo that's what Reza gets for her. She and Reza get his and her colonics. Awww. Besides the colonic, Reza tells MJ he's going to go see his father in New York, and MJ agrees to go with him. We'll see that unfold next week. 
Finally, the gang meets up at GG's parents' anniversary party. But, where's MJ? Oh, she's four hours late and GG's not too happy, but we don't see the "wrath of GG" on this matter just yet. We get to wait for that one. 
As always, leave your comments below. Until next week… khodahafez!