After 'Sunset'

GG and the gang deal with the aftermath of their Vegas trip.

Mar 23, 2012


Our Shahs are still in Vegas, but wait, where's Golnesa? Oh right -- she went back to L.A. without telling anyone. So while the Reza, Anita, Asa, and Sammy start to hash it out with MJ, they put in on pause and decide they'll confront GG later. OK, back in L.A., MJ, who we've now deemed an "accessory" to GG's "crime" meets GG for lunch where they can talk about what happened. MJ tries to reason with Golnesa, but it seems that GG is not only upset about how Anita came at her but how Reza handled it. Ultimately, GG says she's willing to talk Reza, and MJ urges her speak to him before his champagne tasting party he plans on holding. Oh right -- Reza invited everyone to an upcoming champagne taste test at his home, but more on that later.

GG and Reza eventually talk and GG let's us see a side of her and her psyche that we haven't seen before -- she reveals that she's been in therapy for years and basically has a destructive personality. Although I don't know that it excuses her behavior, i think it explains it, and I was proud of her for admitting it. I would love to know what she's so angry about, but maybe that'll come out in future episodes. Kind of a sidenote, but the funniest part about this whole mea culpa scene was Reza only kissing one of MJ's cheeks once and her demanding, "two sides, two sides." This happens to me all the time with my relatives! It's obviously customary to kiss twice, but it can seriously add a lot of time to any entrance or exit of an occasion. I have so many cousins, that I could spend minutes just greeting people! #PersianGirlProblems