After 'Sunset'

MJ confronts her mother, Reza gets back into shape, and Asa makes moves in the season finale.

Apr 15, 2012


And so we made it -- it's the season finale. I felt like I was just getting to know the cast, and in some weird way I'm going to miss them. Let's re-check in with each cast member, as we did in the season's first recap.

We'll start with Reza -- last week's episode was really his finale for me. Even he said it was maybe the most pivotal day of his life. He's talking to his dad, and I feel good about where their relationship is going. I guesshe has to lose some weight because that seems to be his main concern right now. Oh, and being a Bravolebrity. Watch this.

It was MJ's turn to break my heart this week -- she confronted her mother, giving her one last chance to be nice to her. And her mother once again baffled me by telling her own daughter that she's not marriage material. MJ but just be so used to hearing it because if I was told that I would've been bawling. It wasn't like when Big told Carrie she wasn't the marrying kind. This was just mean. I hope one day MJ and her mother can make their conversation more constructive.