After 'Sunset'

MJ confronts her mother, Reza gets back into shape, and Asa makes moves in the season finale.

Apr 15, 2012

Speaking of MJ's love life, she and Sammy go on a double blind date. While MJ finds Sammy a seemingly nice girl, Sany sets Mj up -- in more ways than one -- by inviting her ex on the date, someone Sammy knows MJ broke up with for a reason. I found this just so odd on Sammy's part, and if one of my closest friends did that to me, I probably would've been even more harsh than MJ was. When they confrtoned each other, I kind of turned on Samny because he was, as MJ said, going on the offense as a way of defense. Just admit what you did was misguided, Sammy. I guess my prediction of them ending up together may have been just as misguided, but hey, you still never know.

Next up is Asa, who I was really just proud of.. She hooked up with a powerful woman in the Persian community, and had her own little debut at her house. The showcase eatured her song "Tehranjeles" and her artwork, and I see nice things coming up in Asa's future. We'll have a video for "Tehranjeles" up on soon, so check back for it!