After 'Sunset'

Episode 1: Let's break down the season premiere's events and get to know our six "Shahs."

Mar 9, 2012

GG is on a tear, though, because later in the episode, we head to Sammy’s pool party. This party has everything I’ve known a good Persian pool party to have -- alcohol, kebabs, and hookah. And, of course, Mike’s date, Lana. Everyone has a comment about Lana, but no one really starts with Mike bout it -- except GG. GG says something about Lana’s attire in front of Mike, and obviously, Mike defends his lady, and shiz hits the fan. The sexual tension between these two is palpable. 

So, we end this premiere with a sneak peek at what’s to come for the season. I honestly can’t wait for that trip to Las Vegas if only to see how MJ ended up in that bathtub.

Tell me: Who's your favorite "Shah" so far. And do you think Mike and GG will be getting it on by season's end?