After 'Sunset'

Oh, MJ.

Mar 16, 2012


Salam! (Kiss, kiss.) This week, we find ourselves heading to Las Vegas for Reza's 38th birthday. I've actually been to Vegas with my Perisan uncles, and, boy, it was nothing like this.

Let's start with the ride to the airport. First of all, Reza rented a party bus for all his friends. I got so confused by the sight of it because I couldn't fathom someone taking that just to the airport that I literally said out loud in my office "Wait -- I thought they were flying." They were. The party bus had everything -- drinks, a stripper pole, and a drunk MJ! I couldn't stop shaking my head -- she was tipsy the moment she and Reza stepped on the bus. There were a few "Oh no, MJ"s mumbled in my office.

But off to Vegas the crew goes -- in a private plane, natch. Everyone's digging the ride except Golnesa who is apparently afraid of flying. Seems others think she's just being hyperbolic for attention. I would hope that wouldn't be the best way she can think of to get attention! Pass the peanuts, please!

The gang finally arrives at the Aria Resort & Casino, or rather at the absurdly amazing suite Reza has booked for the trip. The only word I can use to describe the space is "sprawling." After calling dibs on rooms, the gang heads to dinner. GG and MJ are late because GG apparently takes a long time to get ready (there's always at least one in a group), and MJ says that she's the type of girl who waits for her friends. I don't. I literally cannot stand when people take a long time to get ready, so props to MJ for being that patient! When they finally arrive it's clear that MJ is still drunk and just keeps getting more drunk. At one point she turns to GG to comment on Reza's friend, Anita's dress. Anita hears her but doesn't cause a scene. This is called maturity.