After 'Sunset'

Oh, MJ.

Mar 16, 2012

MJ has bigger problems on her hands though because she is beyond wasted. At the club -- aptly titled "Haze" -- MJ spirals out of control. We see her start to take off her dress, and the confusion sets in. Then we see her throw up. Not so confused anymore. At least the girl knew she didn't want to get her dress dirty! And, um, at least she was quiet and didn't cause a scene? I'm scraping here, people. MJ is taken back to the suite by none other than Asa, who just wants some tea. Reza leaves his own party to help his friend, and most likely also just to watch drunk MJ -- he knows where the real hilarity will go down. Mercedes gets into her infamous "housedress" and is forced into a bath. Then a shower. Finally, she's in bed. Back at Haze, GG is ready to introduce her boy toy Chris and maybe make Mike jealous. Too bad Mike already knows him. I mean, he's the king of Las Vegas -- he knows everyone! Eh, Mike's more my type. What about you?!

The next morning, everyone's looking pretty peachy, even MJ! She must've taken some B12 before they went out. GG seems annoyed by all the drinking, etc., and honestly I wonder if I'd feel the same. Even though it's funny to watch all the chaos, if I were with a group and someone threw up in a club we were at, I would be annoyed, so even though I love MJ, I might side with GG on this one.

The gang heads to the pool and once again Anita's clothing is the topic of conversation, specifically her bathing suit. It's Herve Leger and it can't get wet. While I agree that that's it's pretty pointless to wear a bathing suit that can't get wet and causes bad tan lines, it was amazing! Eventually, Anita speaks up to MJ in the cabana, GG hears, and the two girls fight and GG is pretty much down for the count.

The awkwardness continues back at the suite as the crew gets ready for another dinner. Although she makes it to Reza's dinner later, albeit late, all of her friends are ignoring her. She starts to tear up and leaves. MJ was the only one who said that the group was wrong by by alienating GG, but then again, MJ was kind of as guilty as GG was for talking about Anita. Not only does GG leave the table, but she apparently leaves Vegas! It'll be interesting to see what happens when everyone gets back to Beverly HIlls next week. Until then, share your best safe-for-work Vegas stories below! 'Cause what happens in Vegas, stays on