Don't Tase Us, GG!

Knives! Colonics! Asa! What more could one ask for in an episode?

We start where all good shows start: looking at knives owned by someone with known anger issues. I'm of course talking about Reza's drop-in at GG's place where the discussion turned to GGs knife collection. We won't go into the knives because frankly I get frightened just thinking about it, but Reza handles it all with grace. Oh, not only does GG have knives, she has a taser named Cripsy. Well, she gets points for originality.
Reza isn't just there to talk about weapons, though, he also has to break the news to GG that he won't be attending her parents' 40th wedding anniversary. For the occasion, she and her sister decide to buy her parents a car. Since GG's father pays for most of the things in her life, I'm wondering where this money is coming from, but seems like a thoughtful gesture nonetheless. In fact, this week we get to meet GG's dad. After last week's tiny breakdown, we learn a little bit more about GG and in fact why she hasn't had a job. Apparently her anger issues have gotten in the way and GG claims that her parents wanted to work at one point but then became afraid that if she got angry it would get out of control. Maybe GG can work from home? Some of my colleagues suggested she teach knife skills! Let's just channel that energy into something positive, GG. You can do it! (P.S. Why is GG so angry, again?)
Sammy is on his grind, though, continuing to oversee Mohamed's housing development while he's away on vacation. We get a closer look at the place, which we realize really is the house featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We'd recognize that pool anywhere. Mohamed comes back, and thankfully, despite a bizarre disdain for being called "anal," Mohammed was happy. On a total sidetone: am I the only one who thinks MJ and Sammy are going to end up together? I literally have no reason for that prediction, but would love to know if anyone agrees with me. Anyway, more Sammy please! Here's a fun Bravotvcom exclusive with Sammy and Asa, who both love food, so obviously they're my kind of people.
Asa is back in the studio -- but not Mister Bunny's. And this guy sets her straight on the appeal of her songs -- he basically says they won't appeal to mainstream audiences. I don't know. Listen to this. We're all diggin' it here at Bravo HQ. And we'll kind of just yell out "Asa!" in the office like that song that plays whenever she's in the car. 
Oh, and before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MJ! It's her birthday! And what do you get your friend for a birthday? A colonic obviously. Sooo that's what Reza gets for her. She and Reza get his and her colonics. Awww. Besides the colonic, Reza tells MJ he's going to go see his father in New York, and MJ agrees to go with him. We'll see that unfold next week. 
Finally, the gang meets up at GG's parents' anniversary party. But, where's MJ? Oh, she's four hours late and GG's not too happy, but we don't see the "wrath of GG" on this matter just yet. We get to wait for that one. 
As always, leave your comments below. Until next week… khodahafez!

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