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Finding Namaste

Mike explains his relationship with GG and what he hopes you got from this season of 'Shahs.' Tell us a little bit about your relationship with GG over the years. How has it grown and changed?
Mike Shouhed: I met Leila, GG's sister right when they moved to Los Angeles. I was the first Persian guy she had met. We had a math class together at Santa Monica College. We quickly became friends and got very close soon after. I met Golnesa at their parents house one time when I was over. I didn't think much of her. She was very young, pre-nose job, pre-developed, quiet and a lil "nerdy."

Fast forward years later, she turned into a beautiful woman. We can relate to one another now. We are good friends, we talk, we hang out, she comes to me for advice. I am helping her find "Namaste."

What do you think GG needs in a man?
Mike: GG is a very outspoken, quick to the draw, fire racker. Her man needs to be dominant, in the sense that he can give her guidance with intellect and wisdom. She needs a man that won't try to over power her with fear and anger tactics, but with sweetness and serenity. Any man can make people fear him but it takes a real man to have people follow and love him. Why don't you think anything will happen between you guys?
Mike: She's not my type! Although I love brunettes, my girl will be fierce -- not by yelling and having a temper but with making her presence felt because of her energy. A woman is so much sexier when she is classy and kills with kindness. Attitude is sexy, but not all the time. . What did you think of Sammy's decision to bring Navid to the blind date with MJ? Did you think it was fair of MJ to leave?
Mike: I think it was a horrible idea! I'm shocked that Sammy would do such a thing to our girl MJ. Navid is a great guy and a sweetheart (at least to me). I know a ton of guys who would have given their right arm to hang with Mercedes. I dont know what Sammy was thinking. I think MJ had every right to leave. Navid was being way too aggressive! NOT COOL! What did you think of GG on the date?
Mike: Can you say SUPER AWKWARD!?! The guy was a total dork. He was leading the date, the way a real man should. GG needs to go out with more guys so she doesn't seem so nervous.

BTW, soup??? That was another party foul. If a girl doesn't want to eat on a date, she should order a salad. Oh yeah, her date just watched her having a hard time with her food and laughed. What a chump! Get up and get her a fork dude. What did you think of Sammy's reaction to MJ's attitude about the set-up?
Mike: I think Sammy should have been more humble. An apology was in order and instead he flipped it on her and made her feel worse. NOT COOL! What did you think of MJ's moment with her mother?
Mike: MY HEART BROKE!!! I love MJ, and I know she wants her mothers approval. Vida should be proud of MJ. My girl is so sweet, so lovable, and all-around amazing. Vida needs some counseling. Maybe my mom can teach her a thing or two. What did you think of Asa's music and her "coming out" party?
Mike: SUPER DOPE! I love "Tehrangeles"! Awesome song! Makes me want to move, dance, and smile! My girl Asa put her heart and soul into it, and her song is a HIT! The party was absolutely beautiful. Homa was very gracious and kind to allow Asa to use her beautiful home. What did you think about this season of Shahs? What do you hope people learned and saw watching you guys?
Mike: This last summer was one of the best ones I have ever had in my life. Filming the "Shahs" was so much fun. To see how the show played out over the past six episodes was epic. We put all of our emotions, trials, tribulations, successes, and defeats for the world to see. I appreciate everyone that supported our show. The emails, tweets, Facebook posts, and messages proved to me that we were able to entertain and touch people all over the world. That to me says that this season of Shahs of Sunset was a major break through hit.

As far as what I want people to learn. . .please don't judge a man or woman until you have walked in his or her shoes. This show was never meant to be a documentary. It was meant for entertainment and to allow the world to see six fabulous friends (who happen to be Persian) living their awesome lives while you watch.

MJ: "I Finally Opened My Heart to Love"

MJ dishes on her new man.

Last year in Turkey, I was blind-sided in the best way; I had a revelation, a new found desire to become a mother someday. I am very traditional when it comes to marriage and children in one household and under one roof. That is my dream and deepest hope. I have accomplished success in my career and happiness in every other area in my life. I finally opened my heart to love. I became vulnerable to find love. I met Charlie via Facebook/Tinder. I didn't "swipe right" on him, but he screen grabbed my profile, and messaged me on Facebook one night while I was at my place with Reza and Adam. They drilled Charlie with a series of questions about "what would make you a good candidate for MJ." Suffice it to say, he passed the test, took me to a beautiful, romantic restaurant on our first date where the conversation flowed, and so did the chemistry.

I'm so glad to have met Asifa last year, and even happier she has joined our group. My first impression of Asifa was that she was very polite, prim, pretty, and cordial. As time went on, I began to discover that there are many layers to Asifa. We are a complicated group of people and I look forward to getting to know her on a deeper level, the way I know the rest of my friends.

At Asa's house for the fire jumping ceremony, we all noticed Mike engrossed by Jessica eating a piece of shrimp, and I called him out. To me it was sexy to see a couple turned on by one another. But when I said what everyone else was thinking, Mike and Jessica looked shocked at what I had said, which was surprising to me. I think that once you are in a serious relationship, cheeky conversation topics are not at all off limits, and for us, the best thing about our friendship is sharing good spirited laughs with each other.

Woah, Nelly! Bobby was in the room for less than five minutes when Mike immediately picked a fight with him? As I watched this unfold, I saw how high Mike's nerves were running... It was very awkward. I attribute it to all the fresh, new, successful, alpha-male energy in the room. The tension in the room was undeniable, and unfortunately it got the best of him. Mike and Bobby have some history, and within seconds of Bobby getting there it all came to a head. This is a bad start for both of them, and it spilled over into a divide between us all.

Here's to a fruitful 2015!

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