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Friends Not Foes

MJ gives us the story behind Anita and GG's fight and her real estate career. What did you think of the Vegas trip? Highlights?
MJ: Our trip to Vegas was a weekend none of us will ever forget, EVER. We all headed out with the same agenda -- to have an amazing time celebrating together for Reza's birthday.

Did it go that simply and smoothly? Of course not, but looking closely at the six of us, (or eight), a weekend with lots of shenanigans is the wisest bet. Looking back, I think everyone else was almost too tame!! Sammy usually has a sorority of girls on his bedroom floor, (he doesn't share his bed with his one night conquests). Mike would have a singled out at least one girl, and GG deserved to be better entertained and attended to by Chris. I'm pretty sure she was disappointed by how it (didn't) go. . .  

As for myself on the first night of Vegas, well. . .I do love to have a good time, and I love to party with friends on special occasions. But I definitely didn't pace myself and by the time we were at dinner, I was saying and acting in ways that would not, had I not been intoxicated. I'm usually the person hosting and being attentive to everyone -- making sure everyone in the room feels loved, engaged, and included. I have too much love in my heart to act any other way, but if the alcohol "gets ya" you forfeit the chance to be your true self. In the end, with egg on my face, we all got to laugh about it, and after all, it was Vegas. Could you believe GG just bounced from the Vegas trip? What do you think about her behavior over the course of the weekend?
MJ: Yesssss, I can! Considering the way everyone else treated her at the last dinner, she would have to be a glutton for punishment to stick around for more of the silent treatment! GG thought it through before bouncing, and the idea of heading back to L.A. with a plate of cold fish, in confined airspace, (note her fear of flying) she dismissed herself in a way that was the most mature thing for her, emotionally.

GG's behavior? That was just GG. I think she was a little on edge with nerves about inviting Chris along with Mike there. What may have started as playful revenge on Mike for bringing Lana Sammy's pool party...

I'm not saying that either Mike or GG are mature when it comes to the opposite sex, but that's the deal, they don't do well being in anyone's else shade. Maybe I'm the only one who empathizes for GG, but her emotional path hasn't been easy for her. Bottom line, she gets props from me for working on becoming her best, and I believe in her finding her way through her anger. Talk to us about working with Reza. Who do you think is the better agent?
MJ: Oh gosh, I'm just be going to be honest, and I'm going to be fair. Why does my Reza have to slave over his real estate business so much? As similar Leos and life long friends, our selling style couldn't be more different. I lead people to a sale by "guru" guiding them to their decisions, even though it is 90 percent what I say that gets them confidently there. Reza hammers his gospel into his clients head, gets them to drink his kool-aid, and from their on, what Reza says goes. What if certain people like Sprite, or Diet Coke? I adore his confidence, and I'm sure he doesn't lose a second of sleep over believing he's 100 percent right, 100 percent of the time. enuff said, and moving on! Tell us a little bit about all your cast mates work styles. How is it watching Sammy and Mike in action?
MJ: If any self respecting Persian girl were to use the word, "balls," Sammy's should be cast in 24k solid gold for putting together the deals he does. He has impeccable style and taste, he's the quintessential Persian businessman. I could go on about him, he keeps his cool like a man driving through an international border with a trunk full of heroin. No one is like Sammy in business, no one.

Mike??? As Jay Z put it best, "I'm a hustler baby! I just want you to know." He works for everything he earns and that's mind, body, and business! He's got the family values and discipline I never had and wish I did. I overheard that the most beautiful expression on his dad's face was when he looks at Mike's mom. Gosh, as a girl who can't be tied down, I was definitely envious of that. These are the people I surround myself with, respectfully and gratefully. Why did you think it was so important for Reza and GG to clear the air? What did you think of GG’s breakdown and her anger issues?
MJ: Whatever, I don't want my friends to be foes! They're looking at this from such different angle's. . . and they both needed a chance to shed light in a peaceful, neutral setting, which was my place. The future of their friendship depends on it. and I'll always route for the underdog. Next. What did you think about the champagne party? Were you nervous going into the event?
MJ: Actually, I really was nervous. I knew there was going to be a lot of tension between my friends. I'm okay with tension if it involves me, because I know how to stand up for myself, but with Anita and GG, you're dealing with the weakest links and that worried me. Although I believe my friends should be accountable for their actions, I knew it was gonna be near impossible for them to express their side and hash it out. Talk to us about GG/Anita’s confrontation. Why did you decide to get involved? Do you think they can move forward now and get along?
MJ: I still haven't forgiven Anita. After investing so much time praising and empowering her, apparently, her eye's only saw red. Why go behind our backs individually to gain false support? We all fell for it at one point or another.

The thing that disappointed me the most, was that after I made such a delightful fuss over her being a goddess in red, she accused me of talking ish about her. Yes, I was there, and I'm not innocent either, but I'm not that petty either. At the time, I felt like saying to her, "Grow up! Walk it off! State your case then let it go!" But she couldn't, and Anita's obsessiveness has time again only proven that sometimes beauty only runs skin deep.

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Asifa: Bobby's Mom and I are at Odds

Asifa Mirza dishes on her relationship with Bobby's mom. Do you get along with Bobby's mom?
Asifa Mirza: It wouldn't be unconventional for me to say that most women don't get along with their mother-in-law. With that said I'm dealing with a mother-in-law who has only one child and is currently single, so her son is the only immediate family she has. She is a very nice lady, but is extremely biased towards her son and is in denial of her son's issues and faults. Unlike Bobby's mother, my mother stays out of our issues and never states that her daughter is perfect and everything is Bobby's fault. When I started to have issues my mother said to me, "Asifa, you are an adult and have the power to make mature choices. If you are having issues, then go to counseling or leave." On the other hand, Bobby's mother gets involved to the point where she's on the phone while we are having an argument. She constantly states that everything is my fault and that her son only started to have a temper when he met me. She is blinded by ego and pride, and it's easier for her to blame me than to take responsibility for her child's upbringing. Bobby and I come from two different upbringings, he saw his mother go through multiple divorces, and she is now single. While I came from parents who argued, disagreed, but worked hard to stay together and a create a strong family unit. For me divorce was never a topic growing up, but for Bobby that's all he saw. I don't have a perfect family and my parents constantly point out the things I do wrong (I know I have flaws), but Bobby's mother thinks she is perfect, her son is perfect, and that if anything goes wrong, it’s my fault. She and I are at odds and are very indifferent towards one another. But as his mother, I do need to put my differences aside and have more respect for her. Is Bobby too much of a mama's boy?
AM: Bobby is the epitome of a mama’s boy, and so are a lot of other men. Do you think Reza made the right decision calling off the wedding?
AM: Yes, I feel that Reza wasn't confident at the time and didn't know what he wanted. He made the right choice by taking his time and thinking things through.

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