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I Do Me

Asa discusses her style, her music career, and GG's anger issues. What did you think of GG’s comments on vintage shopping?
Asa: The owner of Decades, Cameron Silver, was named one of TIME magazine's "25 Most Influential Names and Faces in Fashion" and he even has a "Cameron" bag that Hermes created just for him. And here's a little background on Decades for sheer appreciation of what this man has put together: it's legendary and a visual history lesson in couture fashion. Going shopping there is like a treasure hunt, you never know what you may find. . .a '70s YSL gown, original '80s Chanel gold earrings, an early '90s Valentino blazer etc. But what you do know for sure is that you will find a beautiful piece of fashion that you cannot find anywhere else!

Decades is coveted by every true fashionista, the brightest Hollywood stars, and style/fashion lovers who come from all over the world (NYC, Paris, Tokyo etc.) looking for something special (and by the way, most the vintage items in there are previously owned but UNWORN).

Almost all of today's fashion is copied from vintage pieces. Every great designer is inspired by vintage designs for their collections. It's one thing to not like vintage clothing, but to be into style or fashion and not pay homage to the greats before you would be ignorant. I've been collecting couture vintage since I was 10 years old and my collection is pretty epic. My close friends are stylists for style icons like Lady Gaga and Rihanna and they lose their mind every time they see my closet.

I seriously don't care what GG says about my style or the boutique I took her to. She and I are very different from each other. I don't need a stylist to tell me what to wear to my friends pool party and I definitely don't need to know what everybody else is wearing to a girls' night out to then decide what I should wear. That's NOT how I roll. I've always had my own style and don't need anybody else (or any magazine) to tell me what to wear or what not to wear. I DO ME.

For me, the most fun part of the day/night is playing some Prince and putting my outfit together. It's like a piece of art. "I think of fashion, of dressing, as art. I'm not about disposable shopping. Even my day wear is glamorous," is something Cameron Silver, the owner of Decades, says and I must agree with him. What did you think of MJ being so late to GG's parents' anniversary?
Asa: You know, I understand when someone's late because they are working etc., but I personally like to let people know if I'm going to be significantly late (over three hours in this case). It's just having respect for your friends and their time, especially if it's somebody's parents' house.

And actually the only reason I even said anything to MJ at the anniversary party is becasue she had insisted to come pick me up "on the way" and that we should go together. After waiting for an hour for her, I decided to take my own car. Talk to us about ladies night. Were you worried there was going to be drama going into the night?
Asa: Worried? No. I was excited to hang with my girls. Were you surprised GG brought up MJs late arrival at the table? How shocked were you that Sunny stepped up to GG?
Asa: Sunny could relate to what MJ was saying about her work schedule and expressed this simply by saying that she can relate to that. Then of course, an argument started and GG, as usual, pops off. We are a group of young Persian women having dinner together, and it's very sad that GG is incapable of being in a group setting and not fighting. She pops off at every occasion she can and then claims that she did it in self-defense. Her whole thing has gotten tiresome to me. Where you shocked that the Vegas situation came up again? And that once again Sunny got involved?
Asa: I couldn't believe again they started that whole "Anita's dress was 5 seasons ago" situation (yawwwn) and GG and MJ are both accusing each other of who really said what.

Look, it doesn't matter who said what first: When three girl friends are sitting next to each other at the dinner table and two of them whisper into each others ears something ugly and insulting about the third friend's dress, they are both in it. I think we can all universally agree that this is stupid and childish behavior and doesn't require any further discussion. Real girls don't act like that.

That type of ugly gossip, besides being utterly uninteresting, is very mean. After sitting through another hour of insulting Anita's "out of season dress," Sunny, being super real, was fed up and called out GG for being a mean girl. Sunny told GG that she is mean and needs to grow up. GG pops off, jumps up, and, in her usual form, and starts basically making fun of Sunny for having a job and saying the ugliest things to her. Things that made no sense and were super rude, like "Yeah go back to Santa Monica Blvd and make your little dollar," (Santa Monica Blvd is an area where prostitutes work)?

As I have said before, Sunny owns a multi-million dollar event business called While Lilac Inc. that she started on her own. Her clients are the likes of Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. She has worked hard for what she has and has no time for BS, bullies, and mean girls. End. How did you feel after the fight about GG? What do you think of her attitude and anger issues?
Asa: I calmly told her that what she did was rude, then left with Sunny.

I hear GG talk about her anger issues and express that she needs therapy, but I also see her being proud of how aggressive she is and that she barks like a rottweiler. I think GG has way too much invested in her aggressive behavior and her identity is pretty much solely based on the fact that she pops off in any given situation. It's much harder to navigate through a difficult situation by finding solution versus yelling or jumping at someone. To me it doesn't look like she wants to change.

At 30, if she wants to have real relationships in her life, she will have to grow and evolve. And like with most things, she will certainly not evolve until she admits to herself that she is the aggressor and the very source of drama and not the victim. How was it watching Reza deal with his family issues? Were you shocked to see how difficult everything was for him and his father?
Asa: It was amazing to see the unfolding of emotions for them both as they were opening up to each other. It was like a dam of held back feelings that were finally released. Through open communication, they pierced through years and years of darkness and went straight to each others hearts. I am so so so happy that Reza has reconnected with his father. I can only imagine how deeply they have missed each other. On a lighter note, what’s happening with your music now?
Asa: I'm so excited, am working on my debut album! I've been writing and working on some epic dance songs. This Persian Pop Priestess (PPP) is hoping to have the album out this summer.

We're shooting the "Tehrangeles" video this weekend and will premier it on April 15th with the finale of Shahs. The "Diamond Water" video is next. I really cant wait for that one -- it's going to be a visual feast. I love creating, its when I feel most like myself. Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired “Gold”?
Asa: "GOLD" was the very first song I ever made. Bunny and I wrote it about three years ago and never released it. The story of how it all started is really cool. So I was working on this photo project with a good friend of mine, amazing photographer Gitte Melgaard, and we took this super dope photo of me in a gold bathing suit sitting on my gold low rider bike next to my house in Venice and holding an AK47. I loved this photo and felt that was the only one photo in history has summed me up was this one. So, I showed Bunny the photo and said to him "Wha choo no bout gold?!" and we both looked at each other and it clicked. The next day we went in the studio for like 18 hours and recorded "GOLD." And the rest in history.

asa-blog.jpg The season finale is next week. Can you give us any hints about what's to come? Will you and GG make peace?
Asa: Oh the season finale is going to be EPIC! You will have to watch and see what happens!

Want to know what Reza thought of the episode? Read his take here.

Recap: Reza Pops The Big One

Ep 14: Reza shocks everyone with his proposal to Adam.

After the Turkey episodes ended, I was thinking to myself, how the hell are they going to top that? Well…an engagement, I guess.

Besides Reza proposing to Adam on his 40th birthday, there was a lot more going on like: Mike and Reza untying the work knot, MJ having a high school reunion at the fertility clinic, and a bunch of Persians sliding on a piece of plastic. Oh and let’s not forget the rise of Lochnesa.

Let’s first start with Mike and Reza untying the knot. These two guys have gone back and fourth all season. Mike claims Reza hasn’t done anything for him, and Reza claims Mike is lazy. So which is it? I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I will say this (and Reza has said this before): no one leaves a thriving business to start a new venture. Last season Mike made it quite clear that the commercial real estate business wasn’t where it was and that he needed to move on to something else. Truth is, Mike had to put in more legwork. Success doesn’t come overnight. However, I’m sure there is some truth to Reza not giving Mike the full attention he needed. But the good news is the two guys have gotten back to what’s really important in life -- friendship. God, I felt like I was watching an awkward break-up with the cliché conclusion of “we’re better off as friends.”

While we’re on the topic of Mike let’s talk about how he told Jessica that they’d get married by the time they’re 40. 40? Really Mike? 40? UM…Can I just say kudos to Jessica for putting Mike in his place and telling him that it doesn’t take five years to buy a ring. She’s right, she’s a good girl, has a good head on her shoulders, comes from a good family, and let’s not forget that she’s CONVERTING religions for Mike. Now, I know Mike wants to “blind the haters,” but he needs to get over himself and just put a ring on it, or he’ll lose Jessica. If you love someone, you can get them a lifesaver ring and it won’t matter. He can “blind the haters” when he makes more money down the line, but he needs to lock Jessica down or someone else will come and scoop her up. Let’s move on to MJ’s eggs. After MJ’s realization at the spa with Vida, she accompanied GG at the fertility doctor. I’m sure MJ didn’t love the surprise high school reunion with the doctor. I’d be mortified, but my embarrassment threshold is slightly lower than our beloved Shahs. I smell babies in Season 4 or 5 of the Shahs. GG said she doesn’t care about a man; she just wants to have babies. With that said, how amazing would it be to see GG and MJ at the sperm bank next season? I can just see GG thumbing through the book of frozen daddies.

Donor ID: 3425 (GG: I like his name…he must be good at math)
DOB: 6/15/1990 (GG: Oh! He’s a Gemini! Two Personalities! Lochnesa and I will love him)
Blood Type: A+ (GG: Oh good! He’s a good student)
Occupation: Horse Trainer (GG: Maybe he can hook me up with hair for GG’s extensions?)
Hobbies: Spelunking (GG: Great! He can help me find my butthole.)

I can go on for hours…

Let’s move on to Reza’s birthday turned engagement party. Where do I start first? The Slip ‘n' Slide or Reza’s ode to the Iron Sheik? Reza looks like a cross between the Iron Sheik and the Burger King mascot:


As for the Slip 'n' Slide. Take note, Persians will only go on a Slip ‘n’ Slide if there is a pot of gold waiting at the end. We’re like the leprechauns of the middle-east…


Oh and can we just comment on Lochnessa’s bone to pick with MJ? I laughed so hard when she said “a knot,” and MJ responded, “What’s a knot?” I’ve been that drunk where I can’t comprehend simple words. Like the time I couldn’t think of the word “kitten” and called it a “cat puppy.” Yeah, that happened, but that’s a whole other story…

On to Reza’s engagement. I was so shocked he asked Adam to marry him. Reza always talked about being such a playboy and I’m so happy that he’s found a man that he wants to be with and STAY with. Adam seems like the sweetest thing and the yin to Reza’s yang. You could tell how nervous Reza was. He had the most nervous laugh! It was really sweet. I smell a gay Bravo wedding next year!

While all of this was going on, Mike did not seem too happy. I’m not sure how he felt watching it, but hopefully he got the message that he needs to put a ring on it before Jessica converts out of the relationship. I don’t know what will make her leave faster? No ring, or the fact that Mike always gets barged in on while doing the nasty. Personally, I think Mike likes to be barged in on. It’s more opportunity for him to show off his doodool talah.


Meanwhile, as the gang was having a grand ol’ time at the party, Lilly was flying solo with Coconut, ordering in. I felt bad seeing Lilly by herself while everyone was having fun. It leaves me to wonder what will happen to Lilly next season? She doesn’t get along with MJ. Her and Reza aren’t on the best terms…but she’s on OK terms with the rest of the group. The reunion should be interesting to say the least.

Until next week…

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