The Persian Version

Mike explains his relationship with GG and what he hopes you got from this season of 'Shahs.'

Apr 13, 2012 Tell us a little bit about your relationship with GG over the years. How has it grown and changed?
Mike Shouhed: I met Leila, GG's sister right when they moved to Los Angeles. I was the first Persian guy she had met. We had a math class together at Santa Monica College. We quickly became friends and got very close soon after. I met Golnesa at their parents house one time when I was over. I didn't think much of her. She was very young, pre-nose job, pre-developed, quiet and a lil "nerdy."

Fast forward years later, she turned into a beautiful woman. We can relate to one another now. We are good friends, we talk, we hang out, she comes to me for advice. I am helping her find "Namaste."

What do you think GG needs in a man?
Mike: GG is a very outspoken, quick to the draw, fire racker. Her man needs to be dominant, in the sense that he can give her guidance with intellect and wisdom. She needs a man that won't try to over power her with fear and anger tactics, but with sweetness and serenity. Any man can make people fear him but it takes a real man to have people follow and love him. Why don't you think anything will happen between you guys?
Mike: She's not my type! Although I love brunettes, my girl will be fierce -- not by yelling and having a temper but with making her presence felt because of her energy. A woman is so much sexier when she is classy and kills with kindness. Attitude is sexy, but not all the time. . .